Posted: June 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Read the “About” Page if you want to know the history of this idiocy.

Here’s the down and dirty:

30 days I will be doing or not doing the following things:

  1. Keeping a blog of my shenanigans and updating it daily.
  2. Waking up every day before 8am. This includes Saturdays and Sundays (I normally sleep in until at least 10 on these days).
  3. Go for a jog every morning.
  4. Do a “Green Blend” every morning.
  5. Do not cut my hair or shave for the month (this is one of my friends just being a dick).
  6. Use the term “ma lady” (including the hand gesture) once a day.
  7. No television other than the NBA Playoffs.
  8. Nothing other than water to drink (INCLUDING no alcohol).
  9. Full abstinence including “self” pleasure (I hate you Teresa).
  10. No logging onto Facebook.
  11. Complete one project around the house every week.
  12. Volunteer two times somewhere.
  13. Read one book every week.
  14. Say something positive into the mirror about myself every morning.
  15. Do one random act of kindness a every day.
  16. Do one workout besides the morning jog every day
  17. No biting the fingernails.
  18. Make every meal that I eat, with one “cheat” meal per week.
  19. Text msg 5 people every day and share a compliment/oddity/or fun fact.

So there it is…Everything I need to keep up with for 30 days.

Wish me luck!

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