Did you see that? Did I make it big enough? I saw this today and it really struck me that I might actually be doing something worthwhile with my life in this 30 day stretch. Imagine if I could keep this up indefinitely. I’d probably go from being an idiot to being some kind of sorcerer by Christmas.

I have no current plans to continue this foolish endeavor after July 3rd, however it has made me realize that everyone can do more to be a better person. Define “better person” however you like. I think on July 3rd I’ll be a better person than I am right now. Which brings me to something else I blatantly copied from the internet  I came up with all on my own:

It really made me think about the choices people make on a daily basis. I definitely see more people in apathetic or downright shitty moods than upbeat or positive moods. So…balls in your court, world. Make it happen.

In the end, if you decide to make a change, there will be those that try to take something away from that because they can’t be as awesome as you. As they say…

I’d like to take this time to mention, as you can probably tell, I haven’t given up being a complete dick when the situation calls for it.

I tore a guy up with a verbal beat-down today during pickup basketball, because he was being a dick, fouling people in the face and whatnot. Be a dick, get a dick. That’s what grandma always used to say.

I read Adam Carolla’s book, and used one of the things he mentioned in the book to insult this dude. Mr. Carolla stated that the best insult come from a place of 100% sincerity. You have to say it like you actually are confused and need clarification as to why this person is the way they are. I said:

Dude, what happened? You were always kind of bad at basketball, but now you’re just terrible…I don’t get it. What happened, seriously?

Coupled with the look on your face of pure fascination, that kind of insult is AWESOME. It really works. The dude I said it to got so mad, so quickly. I reveled in it for the entire walk to my car, and I was also trying to think of a decent segue from a story about yelling at someone to what kindness I did randomly today. Nothing came to mind…

I decided to make these up as my RAOK: Yes the pictures are sideways, turn your head if you care that much to see what a positive message written in troglodyte shorthand looks like. I had more pictures but the internet broke…so here’s one:

I put them on driver’s side car windows. Hopefully they’ll brighten someones day.  Thanks to my friend Carrie for the suggestion!

Yay for the duality of man! 10 minutes after making a dude feel like a piece of dog poo, I’m making people feel good. That’s deep, bro.

I was on early for work for the second time in as many days today. Even though I had to be there at 7am today. Suck it, sleep.

I got my first real big positive reaction to the whole “meh lady” thing today. This woman stopped, smiled, and said “that’s just great”. I was so used to getting weird looks from people it kinda threw me off a little. So instead of it being a nice back and forth, it got awkward. Very nice to see that even when you say “meh lady” to a stranger and they enjoy it, it can still fall into a very strange exchange.

When I got home today after work, I knew I was going to be playing either golf at 5:30 or some basketball at 6:30, then watching the NBA at 8. The clock read 4:24, so I downed a quick and dirty green blend and laid down with my second book of the four I need to read, ‘Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from Google. Not shitting you, I probably read 17 words and I was asleep. First nap I’ve taken in about 2 weeks. I love sleep very much. I love boobs and beer very much also. I would rather pass up boobs, and beer in July to sleep until I woke up naturally, just once this month. That would require someone watching Larry, and me not having anything to do…which is a little far fetched this month. But still…

There better be a pillow and blanket behind you ladies

I woke up at 5:20 and went out to the golf course, said screw this noise, and went to go play basketball. What can I say, I was rather indecisive today. Don’t judge me, I bet you can’t even decide on what color balls to juggle.

My cheat meal is coming up again for this week, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to save it for Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

Every night when I lay down and think about my day, I shoot through everything I did that day and it exhausts me to think about. Then, I think about what I would do if I won the lottery. Then I remember that I never play the lottery. Then I think about your mom. Haha, just kidding, but if you like this stuff enough to read all the way down to this sentence…you probably thought that was funny.

My friend Tara sent me this:

I’ve been trying to think of times when I think it’s a good idea to run for an extended period of time. Clown waving a bloody knife? That makes the list.

It’s July 3rd at 5:01pm and there is a gorgeous woman 1 mile down the road that is begging me for sex. That makes the list also. Ok who am I kidding, she can only be a 1/3 mile away, otherwise, meh…my computer is already on my lap.

Today’s fun fact is being shared with the whole class: The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds.

So that’s day eleven, everything is still really f*cking tiring.


  1. Keeping a blog of my shenanigans and updating it daily. Duh. (SUCCESS)
  2. Waking up every day before 8am. This includes Saturdays and Sundays (SUCCESS) Yeah, I’m surprised too.
  3. Go for a jog every morning. (SUCCESS)
  4. Do a “Green Blend” every morning. (SUCCESS)
  5. Do not cut my hair or shave for the month (this is one of my friends just being a dick). (SUCCESS)
  6. Use the term “ma lady” (including the hand gesture) once a day. (SUCCESS)
  7. No television other than the NBA Playoffs. (SUCCESS) Thunder/Heat…I’m taking the Thunder in 6
  8. Nothing other than water to drink (INCLUDING no alcohol). (SUCCESS)
  9. Full abstinence including “self” pleasure. (SUCCESS) It’s getting harder. Get it?
  10. No logging onto Facebook. (SUCCESS)
  11. Complete one project around the house every week. (2 of 4 SUCCESS)
  12. Volunteer two times somewhere. (2 of 2 SUCCESS)
  13. Read one book every week. (1 of 4 SUCCESS)
  14. Say something positive into the mirror about myself every morning. (SUCCESS)
  15. Do one random act of kindness a every day. (SUCCESS)
  16. Do one workout besides the morning jog every day (SUCCESS)
  17. No biting the fingernails. (SUCCESS) I’m catching myself doing it less and less…so that’s good.
  18. Make every meal that I eat, with one “cheat” meal per week. (SUCCESS)
  19. Text msg 5 people every day and share a compliment/oddity/or fun fact. (SUCCESS)
  20. Be on time to work everyday (SUCCESS)

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