July 3rd

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I’ve decided to continue the blog as a way to keep track of my bucket list for 2012. I am going to try to post as much as possible, as I’ve come to the conclusion that I definitely have it in me to change for the better, even if it is 30 days at a time. So stay tuned for the fun if you like. Follow me on Twitter @benkonowitz for some random jokes, and share this blog with people if the think it’s funny.

So thanks for reading along this month everyone. Here my sober reflections from the month, my drunk reflections will be coming later tonight…

  1. People are normally 100% f*cking confused when you do something nice for them for no reason.
  2. Jogging sucks.
  3. Will power is time and procrastination management, you ‘ll be utterly shocked at how much shit you can get done every day if you simply win those two battles. It’s so simple really. Make a plan, and just start right away and go, go, go until it’s done and you are sitting back going “Holy shit I did a lot today”.
  4. I love volunteering.
  5. I do not like having long hair, but I will not be cutting it until Halloween of 2013 to donate to locksoflove.org.
  6. The green blend was the first time in 30 years that I had introduced veggies into my diet, and I was nauseous for about a week.
  7. I hate treating my fingernails and trimming them and all that crap, I prefer biting them. I’m really going to try to not do that though, because I will say they look great.
  8. The weight loss aspect of this was unexpected. I weighed myself this morning, and I’m down 19 pounds in 30 days.
  9. I went from drinking zero water to drinking a gallon or more a day, and I am going to continue that because I feel much better everyday that I’m hydrated.
  10. My friend Stephanie brought up that it was probably easier for me to spot opportunities for RAOK’s now. I completely agree. I find myself just always on the lookout for ways to do random nice things. I’ve decided that if it’s free for me to do, and it only costs me some time, I’m going to continue doing the RAOK’s as I see them.
  11. This beard is itchy and it’s coming off at 5:01, sorry ladies (and gents) that like the bearded look. I personally think I look like the Bounty paper towel guy, if he gained 50 pounds.
  12. I will be eating like shit for about 2 days, I’ve made my piece with that. After that I’m back on it due to my desire to dunk a basketball by December 31st, 2012.
  13. I really rediscovered how much I enjoy writing.
  14. I think I’m a better person than I was 30 days ago, and that’s all everyone should hope for.

I mean that you should hope that YOU are better than you were 30 days ago, you shouldn’t hope that I’m better than I was 30 days ago…that’s just weird.

One final shout out to everyone who was encouraging along the way: THANK YOU! I probably could have done it without you, because I’m basically made of win, but you people did really really help out a TON.

The Kirk family, Panos, Robin, Alyssa, Teresa, Amanda, Carrie, Luke, Liz, Erin, Hannah, and everyone else who saw me out and about and said that they were reading. You guys are just damn fine human beings. Except for you Teresa – I’m never going to be abstinent again.

Also, This:

Did anyone else learn to juggle in 30 days?


Stay tuned for drunk ben later on tonight. (He’ll probably hit on you)

  1. rmpanos says:

    Epic run!!! Glad i could purchase your first beer for you tonight sir. Oh and nice job with the juggling!!! Totally unexpected!!! Proud of you good sir!!!

  2. Well done, Ben. I bet that was a long 30 days. I’m excited to see your progress with long-term goals!

  3. janet says:

    I’m so proud of you Ben! What you did took more than will power. I’m looking forward to reading about your continued adventures!

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