July 4th

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Comedy, Diet, Inspiration, Motivation, Uncategorized, Will Power

This picture sums up the last 18 or so hours of my life. Drinking with a stuffed bunny.

I did manage to swing by the small animal shelter yesterday and let some of the dogs run around. THEN I got shit-housed. I ate a delicious dinner and drank a number of beers at the wild wings of buffalo. Then I hit the good ole beer barns of our fair city. Then I went home at midnight.

When I woke up, I realized that I was uncomfortable right away. Turns out I was on the hardwood floor, next to a fan that was blowing directly on me. I also broke my phone charger in an attempt to plug it in. Also, it was 3pm.

It’s like my body decided to say “screw you, I’m catching up on sleep”.

How was your 4th of July? Mine was lazy as shit. I didn’t run, or volunteer, or do a random act of kindness, and I drank a beer. Oddly enough, I’ve still only had water and beer. No soda or purple drink yet.

I really wanted to post something last night when I was hammered, but I couldn’t focus long enough to do it. Same goes for breaking the abstinence pledge…couldn’t focus long enough to do it. For all of you that were curious…there’s your answer…still no happy touch touch fun time play play for Ben.

I have the day off work tomorrow, so I’m going to continue doing whatever the hell I want…but Friday…ohhh Friday I’m back on it hardcore…gotta punch this bucket list in the FACE.

Happy fourth of July everyone!

  1. rmpanos says:

    Wooooooo!!!!!! ‘Merica

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