July 14th

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Tonight on top of typing I’ve recorded three videos. All three of them have nothing to do with my current challenge of being vegan for the week. I will say this about being vegan for the week. It got much easier since I found that I could eat vegan burritos from Mucho Mas. I had 4 of them this week. They were delicious beyond words. Even my meat eating friend Mr. Ryan Panos enjoyed the one I got for him, so I know I’m not crazy.

Also they are F*CKING HUGE.

I get to eat meat tomorrow at 12pm. My original plan was to eat so much meat that it would make PETA collectively throw up.

I’m still really looking forward to eating meat tomorrow, however I wasn’t looking AS forward to it because I watched “Fork Over Knife” on Netflix, and evidently all meat and dairy products are proven to start causing cancer immediately after eating them. According to the movie, if you don’t eat meat or dairy you are about a thousand times less likely to have a heart attack or die from cancer.

I immediately didn’t like two things about the movie:

1. Did they forget that fish exist? There is no mention of fish at all in the entire movie…

2. They got rid of processed food and all animal meat at the same time. What if by just getting rid of the processed part and keeping the animal part improved health just as much as a vegan diet?

Then I did some digging online and found this article about the movie.

Click up there^^^^^

If you’ve seen the documentary and read that article I reallllllly want to talk to you. ESPECIALLY if you are vegan or vegetarian. Not because I think I’m right and you are wrong, but because I legit want to hear what you think. Comment or email me at benkonowitz (at) hotmail dot com

I know it’s hotmail…don’t make fun.

Michelle and Steph I’m talking directly to you. Steph I will see you in person soon and we will discuss this! Michelle we probably won’t so just Facebook me woman…assuming you’ve read the article.

I really think that people stick to their beliefs because they are so worried that people will know they are admitting to being wrong. What’s so wrong about being wrong? I am in love with my life currently because I’m constantly challenging myself and learning new things. I saw that documentary and was thinking “holy shit i’m going to die of cancer because I eat meat” Then I read that article and felt some relief. I love that my opinions change based on the information that I receive. I’m a flip-flopper. God damn proud of it…might save my life one day. What if everything you think about the way you eat is wrong? Would you even know it?  Everyone is so concerned that “their way” is the best way. One of my fat friends told me that a vegan diet is unhealthy. If my friend John who I think is (in a totally not gay way) SUPER in shape told me that being vegan was bad, I’d consider it. Fatty McGee doesn’t get that same credence. In the same way, one of my friend’s mothers (who is fat) told me, “I don’t know how you don’t eat all organic everything, it’s so much healthier than the stuff you are eating.”

I’m a huge fan of getting all of the info I can possibly get and THEN making a decision, AND I get to change my mind all the time. It’s great, you should try it.


Ok here are the three videos that have nothing to do with anything. I really think if you had to pick one to watch it should be the first one because it has me impersonating a clown. It also has the word ‘faggot’ in it, so if you are offended by the word ‘faggot’ you might be offended. Also, you just read the word ‘faggot’ three times, so you feel uncomfortable right now. Awesome.

I promise, it’s in context:


So that’s that about Bobo the clown.

Here’s something about the good ole LP county fair’s resident rocker, Ted Nugent:

And lastly, here’s some comedy that I wrote and the reasons I would never perform it ever:


  1. rmpanos says:

    Well done. It was a grand week in ole #MulletTown with you and your dad. There were some characters out there for sure. Big fan of the blog good sir. I hope you enjoy your steak and potato flip tomorrow during the noon hour. I am excited for august to begin so i can attempt my 5 goals for 30 days. Thanks for your inspiration man.

    • I’m 100% behind you on this one good sir…I’ll be posting updates FOR you through my blog…boom, you are now being held accountable for your August choices.

  2. Loved the videos. Enjoy your meal tomorrow, you deserve it! Pleaseeeeee watch Food Inc. Started talking about it tonight but I think we got distracted by Marianne and Kenny 🙂 I promise you will enjoy it and you will gain A LOT of additional information to help you make more decisions for your future 🙂

  3. nicole says:


  4. Robin says:

    I’m pretty sure that Dick Cheney is a super villain. He looks too much like the Penguin for it to be a coincidence.

  5. […] re-thought this through. Remember, I like to have the ability to change things as long as I think it’s for the better. While “Eating perfectly” might have been a lofty goal and a hard challenge normally, […]

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