After doing the leg workout so that I can dunk like Blake Griffin, my legs feel like I should invest in a pair of robot legs:

Not just for the ample ball support, either.

I played noon hoops today after doing the workout yesterday, plus I did the pushup thing, plus I jogged around with some dogs at the animal shelter, plus the power went out at my house, so I’m crashing at my parents…so everything I was really supposed to start doing today is getting pushed until tomorrow. I didn’t cook myself dinner at all. Instead I sat my happy ass down on the couch and watched Batman Begins, AND The Dark Knight, in preparation for The Dark Knight Rises two nights from now at midnight. I love Christopher Nolan (director). He’s great.

So instead of talking about stuff I did today (which is kinda lame, except for the animal shelter part) I thought about this tonight and figured you’d want to know too, because we’re best buds.

What ever happened to the guy that punched Snooki from ‘Jersey Shore’?

While I never watched this show once, I did see this gif on the internet…warning, if you don’t like to see people from Jersey Shore getting punched in the face…maybe you don’t want to check this out:

She can damn well take a punch. Of course I’m never for hitting women, even when they clearly are being idiots. Rest assured that dude got fired from his job as a TEACHER. He was arrested, found guilty of simple assault, fined $500 and given a six months suspended jail sentence. Then he joined the Army.

Crazy right?

Ok that’s it for tonight…I’m just super tired and don’t want to do anymore. I promise tomorrow will be much better. Maybe. Actually, don’t get your hopes up. Here’s something I laughed at hard to end on (it might take a second to load…but it’s soooo worth it)

Ok i’m loopy. Tomorrow will be better.





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