I normally sit down to write these blog posts, and I start with whatever is on my mind at the time, and it normally just branches out from there. Keeping with that notion:


Justin and I completed only the second day of the air alert 3 workout, and I’m already like Joe Swanson:

Dead from the waist down.

I’ve been asked what exactly these leg workouts are…

Here’s what the first workout of week 1 is:

2 sets of leap-ups (squatting down and leaping into the air 20 times is one set)

2 sets of calf raises (10 per set)

2 sets of step-ups (we use an 18 inch curb, start with one foot on the curb, one on the ground, step up and push off, switch legs in mid air and land on the other foot on top of the curb, then do the same move so you are back to the beginning foot on the curb…that’s one rep…20 per set)

2 sets of thrust ups (keep the legs straight and jump up off the balls of your feet as high as possible, 15 reps is a set)

1 set of burnouts (jumping off the balls of your feet like jumping rope, 100 reps is one set)

On Wednesdays you add in FOUR sets of 15 of these things as the last thing you do for the day:

Here’s the punchline (or what I think is the funniest part), by week 15 here’s the rep and set  list:

4 sets of 100 leap ups, 4 sets of 50 calf raises,  2 sets of 50 step ups,  2 sets of 100 thrust ups, 4 sets of 500 burnouts, and 5 sets of 50 squat hops.

I’m so screwed.

When I got up to get a glass of water tonight after sitting for one episode of The Walking Dead I felt like Homer:

I really wanted to find the scene from the first episode of The Walking Dead where Rick wakes up in the hospital and stumbles horribly trying to get out of bed, because that’s more along the lines of what happened. Homer will do, though.

Enough about my legs.

Soooo my friend Jonah moved in down the street with his wife Erin, and he came to visit tonight right after I got done with the workout. He stopped by on his lawn mower, ‘MERICA!

I cooked myself dinner, corn was the first veggie I ate if you were wondering, and I watched 3 episodes of TWD, so I did not get to the other things I wanted to watch, but that’s ok because I’ve got the entirety of the Porter County Fair to watch them. That fair is air conditioned and there’s wifi (take lessons LaPorte).

My legs feel so incredibly horrible, I’m going to GNC tomorrow and buying every supplement I can that helps to ease soreness. Does GNC sell HGH? Maybe Sly can hook me up. He’s like 105 and he looks like that down there on the right:

I don’t know about you, but when I’m old balls, I think I’ll start taking HGH, good golly o molly he’s freaking diesel. Good for you Sly, punch father time in the dick.

I wanted to make mention of one part of the bucket list. I want to meet a famous person SINCE I’ve posted the list. I’ve met a few celebrities here and there over the course of my little Indiana boy life: Muhammad Ali, Isiah Thomas, Akon, Mya, Chilli from TLC, Dane Cook, Eminem, and I suppose I have to include Justin Bieber’s agent Scooter Braun (long story).

If anyone knows how I can check off this one through an autograph signing or something like that…let me know!

I’m booking my trip to Florida next week and I’m filing all the business paperwork to form Bullshirter officially next week as well. July is shaping up nicely.

My friend Ryan is going to be trying a will power style August including quitting smoking and booze, and gaining workouts and cleaning abilities. I’ll be posting on here to keep him honest. If anyone else wants to try a willpower month. Get at me and I’ll give you some pointers!

Remember kids:


hahahahaha JUST KIDDING that YOLO stuff is ridiculous and I’m only only saying it ironically. Until I sell T-shirts with YOLO all over them. Then I’ll embrace it. Until that day, Carpe Diem.


My Bucket List until December 31st 11:59pm of 2012 is as follows:

  1. Dunk a basketball. THE TRAINING HAS BEGUN!
  2. Raise 500 dollars of other people’s money for the LaPorte Small Animal Shelter (It’s easy to donate, harder to raise those funds).
  3. Go on a 4 day weekend getaway somewhere tropical by myself.
  4. Meet a famous person, people from reality TV don’t count. Also I have to shake their hand in order for it to count.
  5. Become SCUBA certified.
  6. Attempt to break a Guinness World Record Most people in one place wearing sunglasses at night! 7/6/2012! Wrigley Field!
  7. Learn to play one entire song on an instrument.
  8.  Start a side business, or create some form of secondary revenue stream. *Your multi-level marketing pyramid scheme is not what I’m looking for, sorry*
  9.  Achieve one of the following: 1) Weigh 205 pounds. 2) Have under 10% body fat 3) Have noticeable abs
  10.  Bungee Jump (I’m 100% f*cking terrified of heights)
  11.  Learn to Juggle four beanbags at once.
  12.  Complete a sprint triathlon





  1. rmpanos says:

    I will be blogging my escapades as well. So yeah. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I don’t wanna fail at all. My wife is going to partake in the smoking cessation and the cleanliness portion with me as well. She doesn’t drink very often, but at least I’ll have a P.I.C. for my escapades. Thanks again for being an inspiration my good man!!!!!

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