For those of you that don’t know what the hell is going on and want a refresher:

Click here and scroll down until you see the hundred day challenge banner

Everyone else that knows what’s up…

After talking it over with my buddy bro bro Johnny Blackburn, I will not be drinking juice out of a bottle for the next 100 days either. If you have orange juice or apple juice or whatever other juice in your house right now, go look at the ingredient label. You’ll see that in 8 ounces of orange juice, there are 23 grams of sugar (I had Simply Orange). Here’s a quick did you know. Did you know that a 20 ounce glass of OJ has as much sugar as TWO REGULAR SIZED SNICKERS BARS?

Such bullshit. Orange juice, I trusted you. You were a friend. You are a two-faced whorebag and I don’t like you anymore. If you didn’t get the reference as to why I put a hat on a bottle of OJ…click this: Scumbag Steve.

As I’m currently writing this entry…the song “Burning Heart” by Survivor came on Pandora. Holy shit, you cannot sit idly by when this song is on…you HAVE to get involved in the fight. Whatever the fight is.

That got me thinking about the kind of music that gets me going…so even thought you didn’t ask, and therefore probably don’t care…here are my favorite “pump you right the hell up” songs. Obviously I don’t think that everyone has the same “pump you right the hell up” songs. It’s more of a subjective taste. That being said, these are my 5 favorite ‘it’s go time’ songs. These are the songs that when I listen to them I can normally get one last really tough rep out or I can speed up just a little bit on the bike or the run or whatever I’m doing. Leave yours in the comments if you think I should listen to something I haven’t listed. I probably won’t listen to you, but you never know. My top five in no real order:

1. Chevelle: The Red

2. Mudvane: Dig

3. Chevelle: The Clincher

4. The Offspring: You’re gonna go far kid

5. Fear Factory: Shock

Obviously by that small sample you can probably tell that firstly-ish, if you are female, you probably do not like those songs and they don’t really “pump you up”.

Twoish-ly, I like music that yells at me. It’s just what gets me going. Although, some of those videos are borderline retarded. Also, I realize the lyrics probably don’t make sense and whatever blah blah blah, don’t judge. If you judge, the terrorists win. You don’t want to live in that America do you?

So anyway…if you actually wanted to know if I started the 100 day challenge off on a good note, I had a hot dog at the fair, but it was a tiny hotdog, and I ate a shredded beef sandwich. Even with those two “fair foods” I only ate about 1500 calories today, which is probably good because I didn’t exercise at all. Tomorrow I have the leg workout to do, which I’m actually looking forward to. Maybe I’ll listen to that song that you wrote in the comments section and it will change my life forever. You never know.

I’m going to draw a line here because I don’t have a good transition.


I don’t really know how to write about things that are a little bit serious, so here’s my attempt:

Today I found out that Charlie, the guy that does all of the estimates and scheduling for LPSG, for the last 22 years, is quitting the business. In 3 weeks.

It’s not a bad thing for him at all, he’s going back to teaching, which his wife already does, and he’ll get to have the summers off with her and all that, and it’s a really good thing for him.  The parents and myself are really happy for him. The weird thing is that now I’m going to be stepping into that role, plus doing most of what I was doing before. So I’ll be doing all of the estimates, and then doing internal business things that I was doing before. It’s going to make for some long days. Thankfully I don’t have a wife and kids/girlfriend/concubine that is going to be pissed that I’m working all the time. Thankfully porn is available 24/7 and doesn’t ask why I had to work late/have that hickey.

Juuuuuust kidding…could you imagine if I looked at this situation and was the least bit happy? I’m going to make more money now that I’m working more, and I don’t know if you know anything about me…but i’m f*cking awesome, and now that I’m doing the estimates/sales for the company, we’ll probably break a few sales records. I don’t know if you know this or not, but I’m reallllllly good at talking to people. LPSG is going to be better than ever. That might sound cocky, and if it does, let me introduce you to my friend Spiderman:

All of that being said, I do feel bad that I don’t have a trophy wife……yet.

P.S. now accepting applications for a trophy wife.

Must have: Perspective. Huge boobs. Ability to withstand years of me trying to be funny.

Must love: Bacon, sex, Louis C.K., movies…looking at that after I typed it, that’s actually the order that I want it.

Ok, all of this has been rather silly. I’ll be honest. This is my family’s business. This is a business that my father has built with his own two hands over the last 30 years. A business that my mother has poured her soul into to make it what it is. A business that I’ve been involved with on a real level for less than 2 years. I need to make this work. I’m cocky enough to get it done, even if I look like an idiot doing it.

Let’s do another line here so that we can go to a different thing.

I got nothing.

Here’s a picture of me being a good dude, it’ll make me feel better:

That’s me walking with the most precious infant I know of. She is so cute it melts my face. Seriously. One time I looked at Bella (that’s her name) and I then looked into a mirror. Guess what the hell I saw?


Bella is a face melter. That’s how f*cking cute she is.

Someday I need to make one of those.

Like I said, currently taking apps. Huge boobs? Have some perspective? Like Louis C.K.? Gimme a call!



  1. The music game!!! I love this game! I will do everything in my power to not overwhelm you with suggestions you will never consider so I will leave you with this one song “Those Who Slay Together Stay Together” by Chiodos This song is amazeballs to work out to and sing REALLY REALLY loud in the shower and have your Grandma yell at you to be quiet.

  2. abbyhacker says:

    Well I’m upset! OJ did me wrong too! Just when you think you’re being healthy and drinking the good stuff….LIES!!!

    Also, your pump-up play list looks like every band I used to listen to in HS….ahhhh…memories!

  3. Erin says:

    I think your application process is great. Just put your expectations out there from the get. Sometime I’ll tell you the pick up line Jonah used on me. It is truly amazing 1) that I didn’t smack him and 2) that I went on to marry him. However, I did know what I was getting into from that first encounter. After that very little has surprised me.

  4. tlruminski says:

    My song…Lady Gaga, Born this Way! I am not as cocky as you (or I might be single), but I think I’m pretty awesome and this song reinforces that!

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