Found another picture from Saturday’s ridiculousness. Hey tubby, try not to eat the log. On the plus side, look at those manly tree trunk legs!

I’m pretty sure all of the vegan food in my fridge has gone bad. I should probably go to the grocery store to replace it with actual food. Today I ate a Nutra-grain bar. That’s it for my day. Tonight I had a steak and some corn and some mac and cheese. That’s it. I think my calories are right around 1000 for the day. I’m just really tired today and I have no real reason for it. I don’t have an appetite, and I’m really tired. Maybe some of my awesome spilled out accidentally. I think a good night’s sleep is what Dr. Ben is ordering. Before that, here’s this:

I went out on to observe the best estimator in the business today on the job, and while over in Porter County, were inspecting a downspout at a house, and we see a bird’s nest. There was a baby bird hanging upside down, flopping has little ass off, trying to get unstuck from his nest.

We (by we I mean I took the pictures) played vet and cut the twine/string/whatever that was wrapped around the little dudes feet, and he’s expected to make a full recovery. If a stray cat doesn’t eat him first I guess.

FYI, baby birds that are touched by humans are just fine and are not shunned by their mothers. That’s just something someone made up, probably to keep people from manhandling birds. Look, did some looking around too!

I love, very useful stuff.

Speaking of cracked…I still feel cracked in half (see what I did there? TRANSITION!) from the mud run on Saturday. My body is still trying to get over it. It probably didn’t help that I tossed in a leg workout today while still being sore, but you know what they say…

Actually I don’t know what they say, I’m too sore to think about what they say. Probably something clever.

For those of you keeping track at home for some insane reason, I started the 100 day challenge weighing in at 257 pounds. Two days later and I’m currently 255 pounds. It’s far to early to call that “real weight loss”, but technically, it is. Small victories.

small victories

small victories

Due to me taking over all of the estimates for the fambiz (that’s a thing that I say now), I’m unable to go to noon hoops anymore. I miss it dearly. I love me some noon hoops. Here’s hoping I figure something out. It’s much easier to lose weight when you exercise, and I choose basketball over everything else because it doesn’t FEEL like exercise.

That’s it for tonight, folks. I am le tired. I will leave you with one of my all time favorite internet videos EVER. It is definitely NSFW (language):

  1. rmpanos says:

    Whilst playing le basketball tonight David Langager told me you have inspired him as well sir. He is going to grow a beard until he is down to 200 lbs. He is currently at 235. Good work Ben! Your challenges are a daily RAOK. If it werent for you doing your 30 day challenge and now your 100 day challenge I wouldnt have even thought about doing my 5 goal 30 day challenge for August. Thank you so much!

  2. kjantos says:

    I am guessing that your tiredness and soreness is from eating only 1000 calories a day. That is only something runway models do and they usually collapse shortly after getting off the catwalk.

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