July 27th

Posted: July 28, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, vegan, weight loss, Will Power

I put this on my Facebook wall tonight:

So keeping with that theme, in honor of my 31st birfday…tell a friend that they should read this stuff if you think they’d like it. Actually, even if you don’t think they’d like it. Also if you like the overall angle of this blog but would rather have it in 140 characters, I has done a Twitter account: @benkonowitz (it’s a very original clever name for a Twitter account, I know)

Here’s a few of my favorite tweets that I’ve twatted:

So that’s that.

Here’s a line so that we can get back to me not begging you for things:


Ok, so I worked 8am to 9pm tonight. I didn’t really have a lot going on other than that so I’m really glad two things happened that I can actually talk about and that make me just f*cking happy.


I was sitting at the booth that we have out at the Porter County Fair and this girl walks up to me with a funnel cake/elephant ear type fair food concoction that looked DELICIOUS. She said it was on the house. I had no idea what was going on but my initial thought was that someone finally has decided that I need to be poisoned. Turns out the nice young lady that I met at the LaPorte County Fair during my vegan week sent it over. Check it:

That’s one way to make sure your Friday is bad ass…get free treats with personalized messages.


I was thinking of not name dropping because I didn’t clear it with him…but then I thought to myself “self, what he did was awesome, so he needs some blog love”

mmmm blog love.

Anyway…his name is Luke. Here’s why he’s awesome: He gave me money for my bucket list goal of raising 500 dollars for the animal shelter. He also wrote me a letter that accompanied the money.

The letter was probably the best advice anyone has given me up until this point. It was so simple, yet I needed to hear it. I’m not going to use any of his words. I’m going to paraphrase, because what he said to me was awesome and you don’t need to pull it apart in your head for whatever reason(grammar, context, your dad didn’t like you). Here’s me giving you the lesson that Luke gave me:

The one shining thing that I took away from everything Luke said in his letter (handwritten BTW) was this:

People tend to be jealous. When Luke quit smoking 4 years ago, people talked shit. When he stopped drinking as much(they go hand in hand) people talked shit. When he started eating healthier, people talked shit. When he started running marathons, people talked shit.

I don’t know if you caught the overall message of my friend Luke. If you didn’t, I’ll lay it out for you now:


People get pissed that they can’t do what you are actually doing, so they try to tear you back down so that you can be one of them again.

Luke’s message rang pretty amazingly in my dumb head.

I signed up to do the LaPorte County YMCA triathlon next Saturday because screw that, I need to be more awesome.

I haven’t been training at all…AT ALL. I’m going to assume that what I’m doing isn’t the correct way to run a triathlon. What I’m also going to assume is that most of the people that read this aren’t doing anything to challenge themselves physically and/or mentally. That’s ok. Everyone is entitled to do whatever the shit they want.

End of the day…I’m going to finish a triathlon next weekend*…what are you up to?

*All I’m trying to do is finish without getting hurt. I will not be giving a shit about my time 🙂

SO! I’m posting this on my birthday….as my present…please tell someone/anyone about this blog…Thank you very much.

Here’s what I’ll leave for you/with you tonight. I have no idea why I think it’s hilarious. I just do:

  1. Niki Frank says:

    I’m catching up on your blog backwards. So anyways…awesome. You are doing it this saturday. So freaking awesome. I mentioned it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. (And that’s saying a lot because I pushed 2 babies out of mah lady parts….) BUT you know what? I’m a friggin’ triathlete. Yup! I didn’t die. I didn’t get hurt. So…I guess that makes me a triathlete. And you will be to come Saturday afternoon!!! GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂

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