Today is my birthday so I’m going to use that as an excuse as to why this post is pretty short.

I actually got hit with one of those “wow I’m actually getting older” moments when I watched “Old School” the other day. There is a scene in which Mitch (played by Luke Wilson) gets frustrated about the fraternity and says this:

He says that he’s 30 years old. When I was watched ‘Old School’ back in the day, I thought it was funny because these older guys wanted to be young and hip. Holy shit.

So I guess I’m getting a little older. It’s cool. Luckily I’m a dude. My friend Deanna told me that dudes tend to get more distinguished looking as they age, and women just get older looking. I disagreed at first but then I Googled it:

Here’s the female version:





You win, Deanna.

Alright so I’m going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings before my buddy’s wedding. Get a nice little base of wings in me before I do too much chicken dancing.

Thank you to everyone that posted on my Facebook wall/texted me/called me/emailed me with well wishes on my birthday.

I’ve got some more ideas coming up for random stuff to do so stay tuned.

Have a great weekend everyone!

  1. Holy crap. This might be the first time I have experienced not wanting to be right :/ I haz a sad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have fun tonight at the wedding dancing your handsome 31 year old @ss off.

  2. rmpanos says:

    Hope your B-Day is stellar Ben. Have a good time tonight and be safe!

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