I don’t know how I feel about this trumpet learning. I purchased a beginner’s sheet music book and it came with a DVD. The DVD has actually been really helpful in letting me know how my trumpet playing as akin to sticking the mouth piece up my bum bum and farting a lot. Also, three things made me laugh when I went to eject the Walking Dead DVD from my computer to toss in the trumpet lesson DVD. First, I laughed because I was ejecting a Walking Dead DVD in favor of a trumpet lesson DVD.

Second, I couldn’t find the icon to start the DVD because you know all of those pictures and gifs that I post on here? Well, when I find them from the interwebs, I save them to my desktop…like…all of them:

I should probably look into that.

Wait, how many things made me laugh? Shit. Was it three? I think it was three. No, now I remember…it WAS three.

Third, This is what the DVD looks like:

Obviously this DVD is aimed at a person a bit differently than myself. Even though that’s the case, I really wanted to try my best to get it right, and I’m pretty sure I nailed it…tell me what you think:

I’m the one on the bottom if you are having trouble telling us apart.

Since that’s an update on one August challenge, here’s an update on the juggling challenge:

So that’s definitely not going well. I haven’t really researched how  you are supposed to juggle 4 things at once. I think a Google search is in order.

So that’s that, and here’s today’s checklist:

I ate about the worst 2000 calories you could have today. Jimmy John’s and Subway for two different meals. Terrible. Even though I’m really in the camp that says, “Calories in/calories out is all you need to worry about”. (hey that rhymes)

Haha, you just said it out loud to fact check me. Jerk.

I also took a long walk tonight and jogged a little bit of it…my knee is actually still decently sore from all the plyotardation (that would be my word for doing plyometrics when I shouldn’t have been) See, it’s all official and everything:

The sore knee is not going to keep me from doing the triathlon Saturday morning. I’m still full on gung-ho stupid for that one, don’t worry. I posted something about working out a ton to make up for not training at all for this thing but I’m not actually going to do that. I realize that working out hard 2 days before a race would be a terrible idea. My “exercise” for today was walking, and tomorrow it’ll be playing some golf. That’s it. Then Saturday I’m going to unleash HELL on that course. In my mind, unleashing Hell is slowly crying as I peddle my bike at a walking pace. FUN!

Also, we have some other August challenges!!! Besides Mr. Panos, who is two days strong into quitting smoking, and Kelly, who is training for a marathon as well as doing a few other things (writing a hand written letter once a week is my personal fav of hers), we also have miss Erin who is attempting to back waaaay the hell down from her Facebook addiction (that one is harder than you think, I did it in June!) My OTHER friend Erin has her own August challenges too, click HERE for her blog.

She wrote a really nice piece just recently about the Chik-Fil-A bullcrap that’s going on. Before you get all, “I’m so sick of hearing about Chik-Fil-A, who cares.” Plenty of people care. Quit being a lazy dick and try it sometime. Also, I never want to end on a down note…so here’s a funny Jesus meme regarding the Chik-Fil-A issue.

  1. That Jesus meme is funny. I probably laughed too hard at it. Also, good job not ruining your life trying to train for this triathalon. Get ’em Ben!

  2. Abby Hacker says:

    Good luck tomorrow on your tri! I’m sure you’ll do fabulous!

    • fabulous = drown? sounds good. haha Thanks Abs! I like calling you Abs…even though when typed out it looks like a.b.s. so like…you are a braking system for my car. congrats.

  3. mommyest09 says:

    Love the Jesus meme (so that’s what those are called). Giving up FB=not so bad. A few things are annoying like wanting to order cupcakes for an office party, but the flavors are listed on FB. Ill just order them on Saturday though. Ill do something harder in September.

    • Baby steps! I’m just glad you decided to change your habits for the better…even if in your head it’s not a big deal…the fact that you are putting the effort into it IS a big deal 🙂 Good luck!!

  4. Brady says:

    Is that Larry on the bed behind you in the juggling video?

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