August 10th

Posted: August 10, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

My Bucket List until December 31st 11:59pm of 2012 is as follows:

  1. Dunk a basketball.
  2. Raise 500 dollars of other people’s money for the LaPorte Small Animal Shelter (It’s easy to donate, harder to raise those funds).
  3. Go on a 4 day weekend getaway somewhere tropical by myself.
  4. Meet a famous person, people from reality TV don’t count. Also I have to shake their hand in order for it to count.
  5. Become SCUBA certified.
  6. Attempt to break a Guinness World Record Most people in one place wearing sunglasses at night! 7/6/2012! Wrigley Field!
  7. Learn to play one entire song on an instrument.
  8.  Start a side business, or create some form of secondary revenue stream. *Your multi-level marketing pyramid scheme is not what I’m looking for, sorry*
  9.  Achieve one of the following: 1) Weigh 205 pounds. 2) Have under 10% body fat 3) Have noticeable abs
  10.  Bungee Jump (I’m 100% f*cking terrified of heights)
  11.  Learn to Juggle four beanbags at once.
  12.  Complete a sprint triathlon LaPorte YMCA Sprint Triathlon Saturday, August 4th Two Hours and Twenty Minutes

Notice anything different about the list? I met a famous person and shook his hand today.

He came out to the Parents and Friends’ golf outing today. He’s a really nice guy. I like when you meet someone famous and they are really down to earth, Cliff definitely falls into that category.

I remember watching him play for the Bulls back in the day. I told him those were some of my best memories growing up.

I shook his hand, so it’s official

Look at that wild hair creeping out from the side of my hat…jeebus Ben, get your shit together, you’re hanging out with Cliff Levingston! Also, I have pretty large hands. Cliff’s hands DWARFED my hands. That’s a weird feeling, but at least now I know what all the Asian children I shake hands with feel like.

Before the golf outing I walked to work. I think I’m going to do that daily. I enjoy it, it wakes me up, and I get to work with the blood pumping instead of dragging ass.

After the golf outing I went to go see the Bourne Legacy. Do you know how many ads they show before a movie these days? I searched my Twitter because I remembered writing about that a while ago. Found it:

True story.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was so much better than the Total Recall remake. The original Total Recall is one of my favorite Schwarzenegger movies. Full disclosure, I own almost every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever made. I don’t know why I love his movies so much, I just do. My favorite? Predator. Single greatest action movie ever. Love it.

I still have to play the trumpet tonight and juggle. So I’m leaving you a little short tonight.  I AM leaving you with a collection of a few funny things I saw online today, though, so there’s that…Enjoy your Friday night peoples!






  1. mommyest09 says:

    So for some reason your blogs stopped getting emailed to me. Today i realized its been like a week and surely you did not go a week without posting. This is me catching up, so I am commenting on old posts. Congrats on crossing another item off your list!

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