August 20th

Posted: August 21, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Inspiration, Motivation, Will Power

I caught up with my friend Emily from back in the college days. She posted on my wall a while back that karma was going to be good to me…and she was RIGHT. BEARS TICKETS!

That was followed with this exchange when we were talking about life and “so how are you?” and all that jazz:

“I’m 31 and and single with a 13 year old dog, I work 12 hours a day for the fambiz and I throw up cinnamon and milk to raise money for things….so in other words…I’m doing PRETTY well”

Bad transformer…meet bad transition:

I’m never drinking milk again.

Here’s two things you’ll want to know about this video before you waste your time. I don’t think it’s funny, and there is only slightly the sound of throwing of the up. Also, I say the swear words GD in the video…so don’t let your kids watch it Amanda. I’d feel bad-ish.

I did throw up A LOT directly after this video though, did you know that cold milk is still cold on it’s way back up? That was a weird feeling.

Also after watching this video I’m really glad I shot it with 13 different cameras because the whole thing about the camera adds ten pounds…wait…I didn’t shoot it with 13 different cameras? I’m just a fat guy? Shit.

You know what’s no joke though. These videos and the live auction raised over 400 dollars for little Jaidyn and Neilah. BOOM.

The money keeps coming in and I’ll keep collecting it and donated it and of course not spending it on assorted pies for myself…even though it very much looks like I’m using the money on assorted pies for myself.

Once again, I’ve mastered the art of the transition:

Here’s a video of me singing a Taylor Swift song with/to Larry the dog. My friend John’s mother evidently did not like me making fun of Taylor the other night in a video I posted, so she paid me twenty to sing a Taylor Swift song about breaking up with a guy and then stalking him. It’s a creepy video. I think I might have made it creepier, if that’s possible:

So that was a thing that happened.

Tomorrow there will be a reenactment of this scene from Billy Madison:

There will also be a few other videos that should almost wrap up the videos that I owe to people that donated.

Hopefully me flying a kite, mailing a care package, and making a “Jeanna Marbles” style video with Larry the dog. That should do it!

Here’s a gif of a dog being awesome:

I could probably watch that all day.

  1. That milk video was painful to watch. I’ve seen it done in an hour, but no one keeps it down.

  2. mommyest09 says:

    Can’t wait!

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