August 21st-26th

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That’s me falling off the face of the earth. I’m so good at photoshop. I’m going to start teaching classes.

Here’s a recap of what I’ve been doing.

TUESDAY-THURSDAY it was pretty much all work. I broke my personal record for time at work on Thursday. Clocked in at 6:50am, clocked out at 11pm. I did manage to shove Jimmy Johns in my face that day though, so I count that as a win on a personal level.

Tuesday my cousin Kristen was in town so I did manage to hang out with her and give her the nickel tour of the homestead. That was a nice break, I’m pretty sure I talked her ear off the whole time though. What can I say…I’m a talker.

Wednesday I took this picture of Lawrence:

FRIDAY was super busy at work but I managed to clock out around 6 to head over to Albano’s pizza, where my friend Lisa was in the process of donating all of her tips from that shift to the benefit fund. Talk about a great person. I had tacos and cheese bread. Delicious. Then I headed up to watch Mr. Ryan Panos play the acoustical geetar. He’s one talented mofo. Actually, a while back at the LaPorte County Fair, I wrote lyrics to a made up song called “Mullet Town”. The chorus:

Business up front,

Party in the back,

Lovin’ on a woman,

Now that’s where it’s at.

The first verse:

Tall Coors Light,

Aluminum pint,

Had 3 or 4,

Could go for one more….

Took my lifted F-150,

Out for some county fairin’

Didn’t take long,

To get the county starin’

Because it’s……

Business up front,

Party in the back,

Lovin’ on a woman,

Now that’s where it’s at…

Mr. Panos decided it was high time to debut our made up song…and so…Ladies and Gentleman, Mullet Town:

I also got to see miss Kelly Jones who was in town to run a 1/2 marathon, that’s 13 miles…The Tough Mudder that I’m doing next March is 13 miles. When I talked to Kelly about the 1/2 marathon, I kept thinking, damn, that’s a LONG race. I’m in wayyyyyy over my head, and I actually have to start running now or something…like, daily. I’m going to start that in September I think. Ugh. Running is like the bastard ADHD child of jogging. Why do I keep signing up for things I have no business doing? Oh that’s right, for your entertainment.


The transition from 8-12 hour days has been challenging. By challenging I mean someone shoot me in the face with a blowdart and let me wake up when I’m retired.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far about taking over a business:

When I was growing up, kids used to say “Must be nice” when they found out my dad owned his own company. Bullshit.

Bottom line, it’s a shit ton of work, and I don’t know how my dad is still alive, he should have died of a stress related ailment about 22 years back.

At the end of the day though, there are plenty of people that would relish the opportunity to work 11 hours a day. I get that. I get wanting to clock in, and clock out, and see 11 hours a day on your paysheet. What I know for a fact, is that 90% of people don’t want to work for 11 hours a day and then think about their work for the other 13. But that’s what it is. You never stop thinking about what you did today, or what you need to do tomorrow in order to make it all come together into a successful business.

Right now I’m thinking about 2 things that I forgot to do yesterday and it’s eating my lower intestine something fierce. Actually you know what? I’ll be right back.

SO I went into work just now and did those 2 things. I feel better.

My friend Laura donated some money to the benefit fund I’ve been trying to raise a little money for, and she asked me if I was exhausted from doing all of these videos and such…I said it was tiring, but you know what else is tiring? Going through a bunch of medical stuff when you should be out riding your bike. Any time I feel like things are a little overwhelming at work or trying to get all of these videos together or whatever…I just remember the actual reason I’m doing this stuff, and EVERYTHING gets soooo much easier.

So earlier this morning I went to Ladies Fitness Zone to Jazzercise class…here’s me before the session with the owner, Miss Janet Nevills:

She donated 50 bucks to the benefit for me to show up and rock out on some Jazzercise.

Here’s the after picture…warning…it ain’t pretty (well she still is, I look like the bottom of a foot):

I’m sure you are asking “Hey dipshit, aren’t there any videos of this?” Why yes, jerk, there are. Go on over to my friend Erin’s blog right meow to see the video. LINK TO ERIN’S BLOG

If you are a female and want to get a good sweat on, head on over to Ladies Fitness Zone, that stuff is NO joke…it’s a great facility and Janet is super awesome. I told her she has a nice butt. It was very inappropriate. Good times were had.

After those shenanigans…

Then I went to Walmart dressed like someone that would be on the web at “”. Here’s what that looked like:

just looking at training bras…no big deal

I made sure to do a lap around the entire store and had a random person snap another picture of me.

Striking a pose in the rug aisle

Then I moved in some furniture to my house (I actually have a master bedroom and a guest bedroom!)


Today I cut the grass at my house…that gives me a good hour to do nothing but listen to music and just…be…it’s probably my favorite hour out of the whole week. Well that, and the times I get to go to a movie, just sit there and watch mindless entertainment with no interruptions. That’s just my favorite thing ever.

Speaking of that…I’m heading off to a movie with my cuz cuz…but before I do…I’m filming the scene from Billy Madison.

That video will be up tomorrow, as will me singing the Nebraska fight song. Then I think I’m done with the videos…remind me if I forgot any. Kthanksbye.



  1. nicole gallagher says:

    Amazingness!! LOL. You are the shit. And superbly shamed Larry too! Love it! 🙂

  2. rinnieeats says:

    You didn’t just tell Janet she has a nice butt. You said something along the lines of “I wanna be friends with it, I wanna move in next door and become it’s neighbor so I can borrow a cup of sugar.” Somehow it didn’t come off creepy and wrong at the time, however, now that I write it out….it’s pretty creeptacular!

    • I think that’s EXACTLY what I said. I was basically paraphrasing Achorman. My hope was for it to come off funny and not creepy. Now that I think about it….creepy is funny…so it’s a win win!

  3. mommyest09 says:

    I’m excited to see the Billy video, but I doubt much can beat these pics. And Ryan singing your song! Bravo! He needs to get a show at the fair next year. That gives you guys like 10 months to finish the album.

  4. mommyest09 says:

    I was wrong. Just went to your friend Erin’s blog. That beats the pics.

  5. Abby Hacker says:

    You forgot my Jenna Marbles video..but really, it’s ok – I am happy donating and not making you do something for me 🙂 Maybe you should just relax instead! P.S. Did you get the money?

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