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This shit is RANDOM. Enjoy:

I didn’t go to bed at 9pm last night or wake up at 5am today. I drank alcohol and played drinking games and celebrated a good friend’s birthday, then slept in, watched football, ate pizza, visited my parents, went into work for a few hours, and now I’m watching SNL from last Thursday.

I guess I could call it a reward for losing 14 pounds this month, but it doesn’t feel like a reward. It feels like I should have lost like 20 pounds and I only lost 14. Still though, 14 is 14. It’s a great START.

I’ve been trying to decide if I want to make October another willpower month, and I’ve decided to hold off. In June, I was logging about 39-41 hours a week at work, and had plenty of time to dedicate to my other endeavors for the month. October will be another month of 60 hour weeks at work so I can’t really devote the time to going crazy hardcore like I want to. So November is going to be that month. Stay tuned for that mess…I’m going to try to come up with a way to give up the majority of the things I take for granted technologically. It’s hard to do that when you need a computer to blog though. We’ll see. GANGNAM STLYE BREAK!


So for October, I’m going to go back to the trumpet and the juggling. By the end of the month, I WILL have those two things checked off the bucket list.

I’m also going to schedule a bungee jump trip. If anyone has done it around here and had a good experience, let me know! That video should be ridiculous.

I’m going to continue the weight loss and eating healthy thing. I think the blog actually helps with that because I’m more accountable. So every night in October there will be a post. Probably food and exercise related, with the normal stupidity thrown in for good measure. So that’s that.

Guess what happened? Mr. Bush paid his debt:

He even paid for the milk! Thanks bud. Ryan is starting a new business venture and I wish him the best, when it’s up and running I’ll be sure to plug it!

What else is going on? Oh yeah, I wanted to point something out. I can always tell how really f*cking fat I am due to normal conversations in my daily life. I get that whole…”Do you know who you remind me of?” ALL THE TIME. Seriously. I hear that I remind someone of someone famous all the damn time. The really sad part is that 94.37% of the time it’s:

Back when I was like 19, I had a little goatee and used to frost the tips of my hair bleach blond, because you know…vagina.

I got told all the time that I looked like:

It hurts my soul that someone once told me I looked like that, and now every other day I hear Chris Farley. ANYWAY…the point here is that I still here that BUT I got told the other day that I looked like:

And also:

I feel like if you would have told me in high school I looked like the crocodile hunter I would have punched you in the left boob. Nowadays, I’ll take it, for sure.

I also found out that my flash drive was stolen out of my car as well, so I have to go snag the “fly a kite” video from my Aunt Penny. It’s basically just my fat ass running with a kite, but still funny.

For those of you that love Mr. Larry. He got ahold of one of my parents’ dog’s toys the other day and was THE MOST ACTIVE HE’S EVER BEEN…EVER.

Video evidence exists:

My favorite part is the way his legs are crazy spread out at the end.

To contrast me being super gay with my dog, I submit an older picture of me looking like a serial killer:


Also also, the Halloween party is this month. It’s going to be pretty friggin awesome. Back in the college days I threw a Halloween party every year in my 2 bedroom apartment and the 3rd year I did it, we had over 700 people show up throughout the night. The bus that the university sent out to take people from the bars to their apartments stopped at my party and dropped 30 people off to continue their night…

I was dressed like this:

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, and I’m really looking forward to it. So far for the party, Crosstown Rivals is playing, there will be 4 kegs, a bonfire, and a bartender. Things that are on the list to look into include a booze fountain, pinata, and possibly a surprise entertainer (no, not strippers…ok…maybe strippers)

Well that’s it for now, I welcome October.

September 1st I was 265 or so…October 1st I’ll be around 250 pounds, November 1st, I would REALLY like that to be 235….December 1st, 220….and by Jan 1st…205….

Thanks for all the well wishes and such…here’s to a bad ass October!

Lastly, I’m going “in character” to read a Dr. Seuss book to some chidrins at a preschool this Friday. There will be video of that as well….should be very funny.