September 18th

Posted: September 18, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, vegan, weight loss, Will Power

I’m exhausted today. 5am was brutal. I actually recorded a video, and I sound like I’m drunk. I’m too tired to even put it up tonight. I’ll post it tomorrow. ALSO…My stomach was upset something fierce. I’ll spare you details, suffice to say…veggies getting introduced to my food hole = bad news for Benny’s morning….

On the plus side, I decided not to be a bitch about it and I worked out 3 times today. Yay me.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the gym is very empty at 5am. It’s a bit creepy.

Tomorrow I’m going to post a video of me flying a kite…I know it sounds weird, but I actually think it’s quite funny.

ALSO, Halloween is fast approaching. It’s my favorite holiday…and not just because the ladies show more skin than usual! Back when I was a kid and mom and dad would take us trick or treating dressed up like whatever we wanted….it was a magical time, and ever since then I’ve loved it. Also you don’t have to get bombarded with people arguing about what the holiday is really about.

Overbearing negative nancys that say things like…

Valentines Day single person: “It’s just a day made up by greeting card companies”

St. Patrick’s day non-drinker: “A whole day devoted to alcohol, great”

Religious Easter dweller: “Jesus died so that rabbit could color, and then hide those eggs”, or whatever Easter is supposed to be about.

4th of July redneck: “America’d be great without all these foreigners”

Christmas idiots, “It’s a war on Christmas!”

Halloween prude: “I can’t believe how slutishly these women dress”

I’ll take Halloween…

It kinda flies under the radar. Kids get to dress up, adults get to dress up, people eat candy, ladies look scandalous, and no one declares a war…they just eat that shitty orange and black wrapped candy and pass out. It’s great.

I’m having a big party at my house to celebrate. You’re all invited. A bad ass band called Crosstown Rivals will be playing, and there will be costumes and kegs and fire and fun times! Alright I’m going to pass out now.

See you tomorrow!:


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