September 21st

Posted: September 21, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

So the total weight loss for the month stands at 16 pounds so far. It’s a good feeling. I have fallen off the weight lifting schedule…that Arnold Schwarzenegger shit is realllllllly hard to keep up with. I’m going to scale it back and go to 3 times a week with the weight lifting. 5am still sucks. I’m not doing it tomorrow. I’m sleeping in. It’s going to be awesome. Also, last night I cooked up some chicken with my peppers and onions and tossed some cheese in there and hey, it was TASTY! I met with the garage door people today, and bought two steel garage doors with openers. They’re getting installed in two weeks, then I can actually park my car inside so I won’t be worried about it being secure. I’m also going to the hardware store and buying two massive motion sensor floodlights for the front of my garage and the back of my house. It just makes me feel better about protecting my property when I’m not around. I wanted to do cameras, but decided that would be overkill, plus I’m already being pretty reactionary as it is.

Something else weird is that since hitting under a 10 minute mile…I can’t seem to get back to it…everything is over 10 minutes now. I think it’s because I’ve actually been playing a LOT of basketball this week compared to when I was only running, so I’m a little sore/slow/tired when I run*.

*Running for me is not running for a normal person, zombies on cocaine have better form than I do.

That’s it for tonight. Speaking of running…I thought this was clever:




I just saw this online…and my first thought is….whoever sold this person gutter on the left side there….is a better gutter salesman than I…

  1. The gutter is a good sale! The angle would be rain collection for a plant watering system or semi-fresh drinking water. If you learn about the customer, find their needs, you can sell them anything!

    Great job losing 16 lbs. You’re a beast!

  2. April McLeish says:

    So, instead of the proverbial “He could sell ice to an Eskimo” we now have “Ben could sell a gutter to a houseboat owner?”
    Also, you could’ve come to Fastenal for your flood lights, or any other fastener needs, etc….hint hint…

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