I put on Facebook today that October is national “Get After It” month. Want something to change? GET AFTER IT! It’s up to you to start ridiculously small and build from that.

It’s not really national “Get After It” month. But it sounds like that could be a thing. You believed it, didn’t you? For a few seconds? Yeahhhhh you did.

So in honor of “Get After It” month I made this:


I worked from 7am to 7pm tonight with an hour break for noon hoops. I love noon hoops. Have I ever said that before? So anywhoozle, when I got home, I really didn’t want to do SHIIIIIIIIT. I wanted to watch the Bears game. Instead, I played the trumpet, cooked dinner, juggled four bean bags, and am currently writing this blog, so I made this:

look at that kid’s face. It’s funny.

Side bar:

One thing about noon hoops that I forget sometimes, but need to remember. There are some games when you are the only one on the team under 50. The other team is stacked with 20-40 year olds. The thing to do then, is focus on something that makes it a workout. Something like, don’t let your man even touch the basketball, let alone score. That makes it more interesting. The point is, there’s always something beneficial from going to the gym, even when it doesn’t seem like it things are lining up in your favor. I’m very thankful that I can still run around and play basketball. Without it, my cardio would be for SHIT. I really did give the running thing a try in September. I just think I’m still too fat to do it. The repetitive nature just reminds me that my knees are pounding pavement/treadmill. With basketball, I’m just playing a game, trying not to look too stupid. I forget that I’m exercising. Also, sometimes……sometimes, I turn into a different person when I play basketball.

No not Teen Wolf. Although…how bad ass would that be?

No, what I mean is I think the most serious I ever get in life these days CAN be on the basketball court. I say CAN, because normally I’m the same idiot that makes stupid comments and laughs a lot. Every once in a while, I take it completely seriously, and I try to f*cking destroy whoever I’m playing. Those days are here and there to say the least, but when they happen, I’m ultra-competitive, and usually do very well.

Well then why don’t you play like that all the time?

Shut up.

It’s noon hoops, and I’m not trying to kill anyone.

The only time it really happens is when some punk kid thinks he’s hot shit, and old man Konowitz has to try to shut him down.

I’m excited about October. It’s going to be awesome. Get pumped people.

On a sad note, the local Jimmy John’s got robbed a few days ago. Everyone there is good people and it’s just more evidence that there are a lot of shitty people in this world doing bad to good people. I’m not really one to turn the other cheek as far as this stuff goes…but I also understand that I am not the Batman. I will point out that if anyone wants to step forward with credible evidence that leads to an arrest of the suspect pictured here:

I will give them 500 dollars.

That’s right fools. 500 bucks. Spread the word. You give the cops his name and address, and he gets arrested, you earn 500 bucks. Simple. Spread the word.

I don’t like people f*cking with my sandwich shop.

Good hunting.

  1. If you tell people that the secret to losing weight is to not eat so much, you will ruin the fitness industry!

  2. Amanda Lower says:

    Missed seeing, or should I say being freaked the hello out by you, at the Y today. :). Haha.

  3. Brett Airy says:

    Hey Ben, we arrested the person for the robbery today. I’ll drop off the info to you tomorrow about the person that gave us information for the arrest. That was really awesome of you.

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