October 5th

Posted: October 5, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

So that’s me today trying my best to make kids laugh. Not a tough audience when you can make fart noises and fall down (which I do on my own when I’m alone anyway, so it was a good match).

This is possibly the last thing for the benefit fund that I’m doing…unless someone has something else awesome like this!

I’m putting the video together this weekend and I’ll post a big thing on Sunday about it. Tonight I worked and went to see “Pitch Perfect” with my buddy Brad and my friend Katy. I was delighted by that movie. That might sound a little soft, but to paraphrase Brad:

It really was a good movie for a few reasons:

Juuuust kidding. Well, not just kidding. Those ladies were very nice looking, but the real reason was the constant one liners that actually had something to do with the movie, not just shoe-horned non-sequiturs. It was really funny. I laughed quite a few times. I have to admit that the singing wasn’t all that bad either, there are some pretty well done acapella arrangements in there as well for you choir nerds.

I have work in the early AM, then a wedding to attend as someone’s arm candy. Thankfully I rented the Thing 2 costume for the whole weekend. Hopefully my date doesn’t mind blue wigs.

Have a great weekend errrrybody…I’ll post again Sunday.

  1. That’s an awesome costume! I bet those kids had a great time!

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