October 16th

Posted: October 16, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

Early post.

I am going to bed early tonight.

I want to reset things a little bit and I think one great night of sleep is what I need.

Also I’m having Bdubs for dinner. BUT…and this is a big but….t

Kinda like that.

BUT! I’m only having 8 boneless wings. That’s it. That’s gotta be right around 1000 calories. However……..considering this was my food total today:

Haha, fatty’s on a diet

I’m ok with 8 boneless wings. I went with Mango Habanero and Sweet BBQ.

Normally when I go to Buffalo Wild Wings…

Ok so if you didn’t want to watch the video, here’s basically what was said:

Normally when I eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, I eat so much that:

Fat Albert says “Hey, hey, heDAMN THAT’S A LOT OF FOOD!”

I single handedly push the fight to end world hunger back 3 days.

The world health organization’s task force on obesity refers to me as “patient zero”.

When they hand me my carry out order, they ask me if i would rather have 4 or 5 sets of dining utensils.

When the waiter brings the food, he immediately bypasses my table, looking for the 7 top that ordered 3 trays worth of food.

That’s why I’m ok with 8 boneless wings tonight. Tonight we’ll call it portion control rather than healthy choices. Whatever. Bottom line is that I didn’t eat like a fat kid today.

So after last night’s charity game, my mom tells me a story. Once again, it’s probably easier through video.  It helps if you know that the “LaPorte Legends” team had a bunch of teachers on the team. Why? Because it was a fundraiser for…teachers. Makes sense when I type it. Doesn’t make sense in the video if I didn’t just explain it….carry on:

So that’s it for tonight…I’m going to go play the trumpet and juggle and shower. Possibly all three at once.

I see a bunch of advertisements on these wordpress blogs and I’m not a big fan of making you watch some bullshit ad for something you clearly don’t need at the end of my blog. Instead of money, I’d prefer spreading the message of being awesome. So from now on at the end of my posts, I’m going to have something that says “please share my blog if you like it”. That way I can be selfish and get you to tell people about it, because deep down, I’m a selfish asshole. Well, that and I really do want people to read this stuff because I think it can help those same people overcome whatever bullshit life throws their way. 🙂 smiley face.

Your mother and I love you very much, go finish your homework.

  1. tlruminski says:

    I was going to share this post on my Facebook page, but I think people will think it contains a virus or sketchy link with that butt out there! Maybe tomorrow…

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