October 17th

Posted: October 17, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power


I forgot to post that one yesterday. I got pulled over for speeding. 32 in a 25.

Got a warning. Whew.

Also I ate this:


I forgot to eat anything else today, and as of right now, it’s 8pm and I’m pretty hungry. However I still have yet to make it to the grocery store. So I’ll probably make a mistake tonight. We’ll see. Stay tuned for the food train wreck.


I’ve realized as I looked through my phone for that Nutri Grain bar picture…that I have 76% pictures of gutter/downspout/houses on my phone.

Because of work.

I also cancelled my plans to play basketball and watch a movie with a girl tonight. Yes. An actual girl.

Because of work.

Not a fan. BUT…and you know what this is going to lead to:


It’s a big butt.


I am alright with missing out on these things. I have the whole winter to relax. I also realize that I’m f*cking lucky to be so busy and I need to shut up about working so much. Many would murder to have that opportunity.


It’s now 9pm, and instead of ordering food…I think i’m just going to bed…yay 120 calories on the day. Way to go!

Yes, I realize that’s not smart blah blah blah….don’t care.


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