October 19th

Posted: October 19, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

I was going to post pictures of the Harlem Ambassadors game from the other night but…and you know what’s coming…

BUT, I forgot the CD of pictures that papaKon gave me today at work, so that’ll have to be tomorrow.

I think I’m done with the “and it’s a big but…t” jokes for now…maybe…I don’t know. I like it because of this:

Just phenomenal.

I’m back to not having transitions at all, so here’s this…it made me laugh:

So that’s fun.

I got a call today from a customer that I had bid a job for and he was probably the nicest guy I’ve run into in my short time being the full time estimator for the company. He wanted to know if he could pay in cash and bring me a beer when he brought me the money.

Listen up people, if you want some business to do an awesome job for you, above and beyond their already amazingly high level of service….say the following words, “I’d like to pay you in cash, and I’d like to bring you a beer when I bring you the money.”

Is there a better conversation to have on a Friday? Probably not. Let me think.











ok I thought of a conversation that is better than that one…

It was still a cool conversation, thanks Mr. S. You’re one of the good ones.

I enjoy people like Mr. S.

I don’t enjoy people that have road rage for absolutely no reason. That happened today. I’m doing 62 in a 55 on Red Arrow Highway today, and this car comes flying up behind me and sits there tailgating me for 2 or 3 miles, so I get over into the left lane to I guess let them pass on the right…and they just follow me over to the left lane. There are no markings on my work truck that says what company I’m with, so I know they aren’t trying to flag me down for an estimate because we’re awesome. It was perplexing. I got back over into the right lane and so did they. So I slowed down to 55, to 50, to 45, and they finally gunned it and passed me on the left. I couldn’t see the driver of the vehicle so I just chalked it up to, “eh, whatever dude”.

Still, when stuff like that happens, you want to be able to do something like this…one dude is pissed at the other dude…and the one dude notices that the other dude’s windows are open…


That’s fun.

You know what’s MORE fun…I’ve lost 7 pounds since I’ve stopped being Fatcula. Draculard. Vampiggy. Werewolfitdown….

I think it’s as easy as:

Just say no to any place that delivers food. Boom.

Sorry Jimmy John’s. It’s been fun….don’t worry, I’m still paying the guy that gave the info that led to the arrest of that dickface that robbed you. What can I say, I love me some Jimmy Johns.


Do you ever see something on the internet, and you’re like, “that’s not going to end well?” That’s the feeling I had when I saw this:

I hope that was part of an insurance commercial saying like, “Always be prepared with a solid foundation”, and not some dude killing himself in Nepal…

I start work on my costume for my Halloween costume tomorrow. What are you going to be? Really? That’s kinda lame…you should probably do something more original than “someone that didn’t give any thought to their costume whatsoever”.

Seriously, it takes minimal effort not to look like a douche on Halloween. Try this year.

Actually, now that I think about it:

It takes minimal effort (like, super minimal effort) to not look like a douche….ALL OF THE DAYS.

My point being, we’ve all done stupid things in our past. I wish I had a picture of me at 19 years old. I had both ears pierced, my tongue pierced, and my eyebrow pierced.

Believe it or not, at one point in time, I was considered “desirable” by the opposite sex.

Yeah, you’re welcome, ladies.

I realize that is no longer the case.

However when I was 19…

I was 100% a TOOLBAG. Like, with references….trust me.

Do you know what I’m REALLY happy about…that I never did anything permanent.

Remember when gauged ears were all the rage?

Wait, you don’t remember that?

Haha, neither do I.

If you have gauged ears, at one point you either hated: your parents, society, “the haters”, jocks, everyone, or people that just don’t “get it”.

Now…if you have sagging earlobes at 30 years old that you constantly have to keep a “plug” in or else it looks like you belong to some west African tribe even though you live in northwest Indiana…

That’s probably not going to be a good thing…BUT:

If you are a brilliant ANYTHING, you can get away with looking however you want. That’s very, very true.

I know this guy that is amazing with tech/computers, and he was kind of a “wild child”. He showed up in a suit to go to a meeting with some real heavyweight clients because he thought he had to put his best foot forward.


He was told to “dress down” when meeting with clients because he was supposed to be “the young gun that looked all weird but was amazingly brilliant”

If he had gauged ears….the client probably would have loved him even more….


The guy that I know in the story above, completely built a computer from scratch when he was 12.

IN 1990.

But thankfully you f*cked your face up because you could easily build a computer from scratch and you knew that ability would be in enormous demand. Wait. Hold the phone. Are you telling me that is absolutely false?

That one time that one chick told you she thought your ear plugs were “hot” is TOTALLY worth you not being able to provide for your family….

So, I feel like the whole argument of, “I’ll be able to do whatever I want when I’m older because I’m really talented” is invalid because…

You and brilliant are a little further away from each other than you originally thought because most kids that decide to make themselves as wind solvent as a windsock aren’t f*cking brilliant. They are very normal.

Like very, very normal.

They don’t realize the actual costs involved with “providing for your family”.

Nowadays, they’re just looking for a job.

Guess what people that are looking to hire you to be the face of their company don’t want to see? Holes in your face.

Big f*cking shocker there.

As a society, should we only value your ability to effectively work for that company in your designated role? Sure.

Is that the way it is legally? Sure.

Is that the way it is in the real world?

Of course not.

With the obvious exception of LPSG.

We carefully consider each candidate and their qualifications, and never hire anyone based on anything other than experience in the construction industry, the look of the candidate never affects our decision making process.


  1. April says:

    What I ascertained from all of this is you were thinking a lot about boobies.

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