October 31st

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Happy Halloween!

My favorite holiday. This is the first year for trick or treat in my new house. I talked to my neighbors and they said we don’t get too many kids come through the neighborhood for trick or treat. SO, I thought i’d reward the ones that do take the time to knock on my door:


*pats self on back*

It’s 6:30 right now and trick or treat runs from 6-8pm. So far, two chidrins have done knocked upon my door. Two very happy chidrins. Well, one, because it was Jonah and Erin’s child (they live down the street and he texted me and asked me about the candy-giving-out situation), and two because my coworker from my old job did the same. So, no randoms, but still…TWO!

I forgot to post this yesterday, but this is a thing that happened. I burned my leaves last week. Well, I started to burn my leaves last week:

That pile took 3 hours to burn down. Then I realized this is what I had left…

That was the day of the party…or maybe I just keep a port-o-potty on my property at all times. Wanna find out, ladies? Wow, I think I just made myself uncomfortable with that one. Moving on.

So the party comes and goes, great times had by all, and then I don’t do yard work Sunday. Football, beer, stories from the night before with good friends. Possibly my favorite Sunday in a long while, but I digress.

I wake up Monday and Hurricane Sandy has done this:

That’s the same line of sight, except taken from the house looking back instead of the back looking at the house. GONZO. Leaves, done, gone, blown the hell away. Not in my neighbors yard, no where to be seen. I realize that that storm has done some horrible damage, but I obviously liked it. Kinda like every single one of my ex-girlfriends.

Update: It’s 6:38 and not one kid since 6:30.

So today I did that thing where I forgot to eat, but it was a slow day at work as far as estimates, so I did get to hit the Noon Hoops for an hour 45 today.

I had an estimate in the next town over at 1pm, left the gym at 12:40. Not good. I got there 30 minutes late after trying to call them to let them know. No answer. They were there, and not mad, and I sold the job. All’s well that ends well.

We are getting to the point in the year where we need to tell people that the weather can change at anytime, so we can get pushed back into winter, yet we do hang gutter in the winter. It’s an awkward convo because even after you say “If it was 75 and sunny everyday, we are about 2 weeks out on the work, but we all know that’s not really the case right now”.

All some people hear is, “My job will be done in two weeks.” I try to make sure they have a realistic time table for getting the work done.

So that’s enough about work. What else is going on. Oh yeah…the healthy diet. Even though I forgot to eat, when I got back to my house to change clothes after the gym I ate two bananas. No, that’s not a gay reference. I actually had two pieces of fruit in my mouth. Wow, not getting any better over here.

Anyway, I ate them, I wasn’t hungry until about 6pm, and after I get done writing this, I’ll eat a sandwich because LOOK AT THIS:

I’ll have steak wrapped in bacon tomorrow night. It’s a T-Bone. It’ll be about 900 calories. Or 1/3 of what I usually order at B-dubs. Yay, groceries!

I’ve heard Greek yogurt is good for you…I’m trying it out for a week.

I realize I bought peppers that were prepackaged and they are probably full of carcinogens and other hormones and terrible things, BUT THEY ARE VEGGIES. Lay off. There’s a yellow onion in there somewhere too.

UPDATE: at 6:55 my doorbell rang and I got excited that someone actually came by to trick or treat. Turns out it was the ex-coworker’s son again, this time with his cousin. Which is great. I remember being in the son’s shoes like, “Dude, this guy has king size candy…you have to go!” The best part was that the cousin goes, “WOAH” when he sees the candy, and the son goes, “See, I told you!”

So that was pretty great. Now it’s 7:27…nobody else swinging through so far….

My dad gave me some pictures of the Harlem Ambassador’s charity basketball game that I played in last week. Here’s a few of my favorites.

I fell down (on purpose) when they introduced me, because after reading to the kids at the pre-school, I realized two things.

1. Kids love when you high five.

2. Kids love when you fall down.

So here’s that:

I realize my shorts weren’t really staying up. But look at those calves!

UPDATE: 7:40, a princess and her parents showed up at my door and she was VERY HAPPY with the king sized candy.

if you don’t know what this is….you’ll be happy at the end of tonight’s post.

Like I said….

I took one outside shot that day, and made one outside shot that day. This is that shot:

If you realized that I am probably 10 feet or so behind the three point line, good for you. It was the only way not to have the ball swatted into the 9th row by dude that is directly in front of me and staring straight up because he was simply in awe.

This is by far the furthest shot I’ve made on that court, even though I played there in high school. Something about never playing against anyone 6’10 comes to mind. But still, it was pretty cool.

UPDATE: 7:58, two kids I did not know came up to my door and said trick or treat, Jason mask and princess attire. They got the king size Kit-Kat and the big bag of M&M’s.

Trick or treat ends. I gave away every single piece of candy, with nothing left over, and no one got shafted. Pretty great little Wednesday today.

Happy Halloween!!!

For those of you that have no idea why Michael Bolton is dressed in a pirate hat:

If you haven’t seen that. You are SO welcome.

  1. rmpanos says:

    High five on the king sized candy!!!! And the Bolton as well. Love me some lonely island!!!

  2. That video is great! I laugh every time I watch it. Good job getting back on the eating bandwagon today!

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