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I had the healthiest day I’ve had in a while today. Wind/rain day at work, light day on the estimates, so I got to go to the gym for a good hour 45 at lunch today. I finished up my day at work around 5:30 and went to the grocery store and bought things to make my lunch from now on. Then I went and played basketball again for an hour 15.

I also had a protein bar for breakfast, a homemade roast beef sandwich (roast beef, bread, cheese, nothing else) and a bit of cottage cheese for lunch. Then I had a handful of almonds for a snack. Dinner was two chicken breasts with a little Hentz 57 sauce. Feels really really really really really good going to bed knowing I nailed it for 24 hours. Let’s hope that continues tomorrow. I don’t really have anything to add other than I’m pretty happy right now. Today was a good day for many reasons. So here’s some funny pictures for your brain:









G’night kids