December 8th

Posted: December 9, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

I did so many things today. It’s already 11pm and I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m going to blog for 30 minutes and see how far I can get. Ready, GO:

I absolutely hate waking up early on weekdays. There is no descriptive process that I can use to let you in on how much I hate waking up early on weekends.

If you saw someone today running around looking like this:


It was me.

After that I went back to sleep.  It was so glorious! I honestly said, “I’m so thankful for this comfortable bed”.

I think because of everything I’m not enjoying this month, looking forward to sleep is really all I got. Don’t feel bad for me, crawling into bed exhausted after actually being productive is pretty much the best feeling ever.

Things that crawling into bed exhausted after actually being productive is better than:

Finding money in your pants pocket while doing laundry.

Thinking that it’s like 2am when you are having a really fun night, and finding out it’s only 10:30.

Passing a police officer while speeding and realizing they aren’t turning around to pull you over.

Most marriages.

Seeing someone get knocked in the giblets and falling down.

Things that crawling into bed exhausted after actually being productive is not better than:


Cold beer on a really hot day.

Little kids kind of getting hurt or being stupid.

Trust me…just look at this:


and this:


Ok it’s been 20 minutes…I better hurry.

RAOK! I slightly backed into someone’s car today, and no one saw it. There was no visible damage to their car or my truck. It was a love tap. I left my business card and a little note on the back of it. Knowing that there was no damage done I normally would have just driven off pretty satisfied that no one saw NOTHIN.


That might not be a random act of kindness as much as a random act of not being a complete douche-nozzle. Still.

So I’m going to check off two of the four ‘projects around the house’, because I did the following today:

Cleaned out my garage and re-organized it so that I can park in there this winter.

Rehung the basement door that’s been off since June.

Installed a hidden bracket shelf under my tv so it doesn’t look like I’m urban camping anymore in my living room.

My father and mother popped on over to help out by installing some better looking shelving paper behind my picture frame shelves so it doesn’t look like 1964 in my house.

I only worked out one time besides the run today, but that’s ok because cleaning out the garage and hanging the door and blah blah was decently athletic.

I ate sandwiches and chips and salsa today, cottage cheese, and some frozen vegan meatless stuff I’ve had in there for probably wayyyyy too long.

I was talking about all this stuff with my friend Ashley tonight as we played a card game and I drank water. Seriously the first time in a LONG time a Saturday night was spent having honest to goodness “Good, clean, fun”.


Anyway, I was telling her about the no tv/movies thing and the no cell phone thing. The point of the no cell phone rule is to avoid it completely unless it’s a necessity. I haven’t been playing any Words with Friends, texting, calling, Facebooking, or anything else that would be leisure related.  I have used it at work (because the work cell is dead and we know the charger is somewhere, but it is currently eluding us). I have also taken pictures with it for work and for the blog. I have not been able to figure out how to transfer said pictures to my computer. It’s the first cell phone I’ve had that I don’t immediately know how to use. #officiallyold

To be fair, the last phone I had was a very late model cell that plugged into the usb port and then the phone asked me if I wanted to use it to charge or as a disk drive. This phone does not do that.

The tv/movie rule is great, I’m just closing my eyes at night instead of watching porn Netflix. I spend my time reading or writing or working out instead of watching Netflix or a movie. My bff Zach invited me over Sunday to hang and watch some football. I’m not going to miss out on hanging out with Zach and his family to catch up and joke around just because some football is going to be on in the background. That’s not the point of the rule.

The point of this stuff is to gain perspective, understand priorities, appreciate what I have, and of course just to see if I can actually do it.

Before the recap here’s something I thought was funny:

Every time I say a swear word, I immediately say another one out of frustration that I said the first one.

Forrest gump

Well I lied, I’ve been blogging for about an hour. It’s now 12:16 am. I’m not doing the run/workouts on Sundays just so my body can rest up a little bit, but I still have a league basketball game that I play in so that’s something athletic even on my rest day.

Cary, I did not squat today. I looked at it, someone was using the rack, and I didn’t want to wait. Monday is going to be the day.

  • I will keep a blog of my activities everyday. Success
  • I will go for a jog of at least one mile, every morning. 4/5 so far
  • I will drink only water. Success
  • I will only eat things that myself or my friends/family have prepared. Success
  • I will not eat BACON. Success
  • I will exercise twice a day BESIDES THE JOG (30 minutes at least) Success
  • I will not ingest caffeine. Success
  • I will abstain from sex/self-love/prostitutes/your mom Success
  • I will perform one random act of kindness every day. Success
  • I will wake up at 5am everyday. 4/5 so far
  • I will not watch any form of television/film (tv/movies/netflix) The only exception being one viewing of “A Christmas Story” while I stay the night at my parents’ house, and one movie in the theatre on Christmas with my family because that’s tradition and screw you this is my thing. Success
  • I will not log into Facebook after Dec 4th. Success
  • I will complete one project around the house per week. 2/4
  • I will give thanks for something in my life every morning and record it on the blog every night. Success
  • I will read one book every week. Pending
  • I will not bite my fingernails. I’ve caught myself a few times, but definitely Success 
  • I will not use my cell phone after Dec. 4th. Success
  • I will not visit any websites other than wordpress, email,,  and google images to give me funny pictures for my blog. (Also Travel websites are allowed for #22) Success
  • I will do whatever I need to do to squat 250 pounds. Pending
  • I will spend the necessary time playing the trumpet to learn one entire song. Pending
  • I will spend the necessary time juggling 4 bean bags to learn to juggle four bean bags. Pending
  • I will finalize my plans to go to Florida in 2013. Pending
  • I won’t say a swear word, not one. Day 1: approx 12 Day 2: approx 5 Day 3: approx 2 Day 4: approx 2 Day 5: approx 6
  1. Sara says:

    Good stuff. Keep it up!

  2. Atrain says:

    I had to check my phone to see when your last text came thru…yes it was before the 4th …whew! You’re safe ; )

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