December 16th

Posted: December 16, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, Will Power

Before I get into today, let me tell you a crazy story. Don’t interrupt, that’s rude.

So I went to do an estimate in Long Beach not this last Friday but the Friday before. I get to the house and a guy in a suit gets out of his Mercedes, and proceeds to tell me that he and his wife are selling the house and want to have a few downspouts changed around for the new owners. No big deal. He says to do it ASAP and send him a bill. We get done and then he asks me to follow him to another house that he’s flipping in Grand Beach , MI. No big deal again. He’s nice, but all business. Fast talking, fast walking, fast smoking, fast everything. We send a crew to do the downspout work and they knock on the door to tell them that they’re there. A different man answers the door and says the job is cancelled because the owner of the home died suddenly. Turns out, the owner of the home, Mr. Larkin, shot and killed his wife in a domestic dispute four days after I met him. 

Freaky. The capacity of “normal” people to do psychotic things is really creeping me out.

Enough about that. Let’s cleanse the pallet with a picture of bunnies, shall we?


There, that’s better.

So I maybe possibly kinda sorta a little bit semi quasi slightly ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.


I know I know I know…for shame.

My friend Bri was in town and I went to have lunch and watch the Bears/Packers game with her. I blame her.

Actually I blame me for not eating enough BEFORE I went so that I didn’t break down and get 12 delicious boneless wings.

Granted I normally get 12-18 wings, a burger, and a side a wedges with cheese and bacon, then wash it down with a few seven 22 ounce bud lights….So 12 wings and a side of wedges with cheese and WATER is a pretty big win during the overall loss of eating at Bdubs.

I guess I don’t have as much in the willpower tank as I thought. So with that, the month is over and I quit everything. Sorry for wasting your time.

How lame would that be? Of course I’m not going to let one meal at a restaurant let everything unravel.

I went and played my league basketball game this afternoon and I’ll tell you what, I feel better running up and down the court than I have in quite a while. I’ve noticed that I just feel better overall than I have in months right now. I’m not about to throw that away by going back to eating like crap all the time.

I did a RAOK today but I’m not going to tell you what it was. This one’s just for me and I don’t need to trumpet my own good deeds alllll the time…just most of the time.

When you pat yourself on the back, you end up looking stupid. Trust me, I do it all the time.


See? Pretty soon I’ll have glittery suspenders on my nipples too.

For those of you reading this on a phone and not a computer, that sentence makes no sense. Please visit the nearest computer and type in, you don’t want to miss that picture.

Sleeping in was utterly fantastic this morning. I will never be a 5am person. I woke up on my own about 6:15 and realized that I didn’t have to get out of bed for any particular reason.


Such a good feeling.

I read my second book. It’s a comical advice book by Al Franken called ‘Oh, The Things I Know!’:


I laughed out loud repeatedly reading this book. Al Franken is a clever man. I still don’t know if some of the things he talked about actually happened or if he was joking. Either way, I laughed. Keep it up, Al! (he’s a big willpowerthru fan)

My third book is going to be the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and my fourth is going to be How To Win Friends and Influence People, because I’ve been recommended it by someone successful that I respect.


No, not Willis from Different Strokes.

Today I was thankful for sleep. I absolutely love being able to sleep in, I think I mentioned that. I woke up today and rolled over and actually said “sweeeeeeet” outloud before I fell back asleep.

On to this coming week. I think you should set a goal for this week before the Christmasness is upon us and stick to it. Seven days of you taking a walk everyday or reading a chapter in a book or putting down the crystal meth. You know, healthy choices!

As for me, I’m going to amp it up a little this week if that’s even possible…really crush it.

Picture 12

I really wish I could get up and running in my spare time, but I don’t have any spare time. I want to make a shirt that has “Beast Mode: ACTIVATE” on it. Then I need to get in supremely good shape, then I can wear it without looking hilariously stupid.

I also desperately want to put this on a shirt:


One last thing before I go to bed. I have to constantly flip my hair out of my face when I’m not wearing a hat.

In my head:




Sleep well lovers.

  • I will keep a blog of my activities everyday. Success
  • I will go for a jog of at least one mile or a swim, every morning. missed 2
  • I will drink only water. Success
  • I will only eat things that myself or my friends/family have prepared. FAIL! I ATE BDUBS ONCE!
  • I will not eat BACON. Success – I MISS YOU BACON
  • I will exercise twice a day BESIDES THE JOG (30 minutes at least) Success
  • I will not ingest caffeine. Success
  • I will abstain from sex/self-love/prostitutes/your mom Success
  • I will perform one random act of kindness every day. Success
  • I will wake up at 5am everyday. missed 2
  • I will not watch any form of television/film (tv/movies/netflix) The only exception being one viewing of “A Christmas Story” while I stay the night at my parents’ house, and one movie in the theatre on Christmas with my family because that’s tradition and screw you this is my thing. Successfullish – SNL has been added as a nice reward for being awesome
  • I will not log into Facebook after Dec 4th. Success
  • I will complete one project around the house per week. 3/4
  • I will give thanks for something in my life every morning and record it on the blog every night. Forgot to blog few days
  • I will read one book every week. Book one: Minority Report, Book two: Oh, The things I know
  • I will not bite my fingernails. I’ve caught myself a few times, but definitely Success 
  • I will not use my cell phone after Dec. 4th. Success, calls are now allowed, see December 15th)
  • I will not visit any websites other than wordpress, email,,  and google images to give me funny pictures for my blog. (Also Travel websites are allowed for #22) Success
  • I will do whatever I need to do to squat 250 pounds. Success
  • I will spend the necessary time playing the trumpet to learn one entire song. Pending
  • I will spend the necessary time juggling 4 bean bags to learn to juggle four bean bags. Pending
  • I will finalize my plans to go to Florida in 2013. Pending
  • I won’t say a swear word, not one. Day 1: approx 12, Day 2: approx 5, Day 3: approx 2, Day 4: approx 2, Day 5: approx 6, Day 6: 2 exactly Day 7: approx 4, Day 8: I think zero. Day 9: back up to like 4. Day 10 approx 5 or 6. Day 11 approx 4. Day 12: 3 exactly Day 13: 2? maybe 3? Does Hell count?
  1. rinnieeats says:

    2 things:
    1) Laugh out loud funny book for you to read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson
    I have it and I’ll loan it to you
    2) I don’t know what your Christmas Eve plans are but (insert picture of woman with a giant ass here) you are cordially invited to attend the 7pm Christmas Eve service with us at SSCC. It should only be an hour and we get to play with fire at the end. You don’t have to respond on here. Just call me or Cary and let us know if you’d like to join us.

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation! As far as the 24th, That’s the night we do all of our family get together stuff at my mom’s side of the family, and then my dad’s side. We pack it all in Christmas Eve! I’m bummed because I think playing with fire could have been more interesting than singing Christmas songs with little kids at the family’s house. Booooooo

  3. Another good book…The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. Inspiring and super easy to read!

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