December 19th

Posted: December 19, 2012 in bucket list, Comedy, Diet, exercise, Inspiration, Motivation, weight loss, Will Power

I’m exhausted. 6,000 Nike Fuel points is not easy to do.

After swimming, Noon Hoops, hitting the weight room after work, and then the treadmill, I’m only at 4771 right now.









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I’ve been wearing the Nike Fuel band for a few days, I hit 6,000 fuel points on Monday. I posted that if I get 6,000 points every day, Monday-Friday, I will reward myself by going to see the new movie ‘Jack Reacher’ this weekend. Everyone up to speed? GOOD.

I’ll have to do like chores or something get to 5000 on the band (+ the swim and the weightlifting that Nike Fuel doesn’t count = 6000). Not looking forward to that. Also, pretty sure I’m killing my legs. I’m going to write this entire post and leave it open, go do some chores, then post the stats before bed. I really want to see that movie this weekend!

At the gym, I was able to finish off the squatting with 200 and then 205, five times each. I read in Men’s Journal that healthy squats go down to almost parallel, so that’s what I’ve tried to do consistently. I’m still on track to hit 300 by the end of this thing, so that’s fun! I still haven’t felt any pain in my knees lately, so that’s even MORE FUN NOT SAD.


Today’s RAOK was to sign a petition online. I never, EVER sign online petitions. They make you register first and blah blah blah I don’t need people keeping records on me!

I took the time to register, sign in, and sign the petition that is trying to get the white house to intervene in the detention of a young ex marine that went into Mexico with a gun that had a barrel that was like 2″ too short, so he is in Mexican jail.

Here’s a screen shot of the petition stuff:

Jon Hammar petition

Today I’m thankful for stand-up comedy. I love seeing comics perform. I’m going to make it a point to go see one stand-up comedian/sketch show/improv group a month in 2013. Now someone remind me that I said that on January first, would you? Thanks, sugartits.

Remember well Mel Gibson said that? Oh, alcohol, you naughty vixen.

I’ve realized that swearing is a big part of my life. That’s a weird sentence. Still, it’s true. I swear so often that I don’t even know that I’m doing it, but when I’m in public around or around people I don’t know that well, I don’t really swear at all.

My subconscious knows when to pump the breaks on the out of control swears. Way to go, unconscious mind *sarcasm font needed*…how bout you do something useful. I don’t care if I swear in front of pre-schoolers, just turn off the hunger pangs after 6pm ok?

Ok, I’ll be back………………….

Jimmy Fallon radio DJ



Laundry and picking up around the house = fuel points. DONE.


  • I will keep a blog of my activities everyday. Success
  • I will go for a jog of at least one mile or a swim, every morning. missed 2
  • I will drink only water. Success
  • I will only eat things that myself or my friends/family have prepared. FAIL! I ATE BDUBS ONCE!
  • I will not eat BACON. Success – I MISS YOU BACON
  • I will exercise twice a day BESIDES THE JOG (30 minutes at least) Success
  • I will not ingest caffeine. Success
  • I will abstain from sex/self-love/prostitutes/your mom Success
  • I will perform one random act of kindness every day. Success
  • I will wake up at 5am everyday. missed 2
  • I will not watch any form of television/film (tv/movies/netflix) The only exception being one viewing of “A Christmas Story” while I stay the night at my parents’ house, and one movie in the theatre on Christmas with my family because that’s tradition and screw you this is my thing. Successfullish – SNL has been added as a nice reward for being awesome
  • I will not log into Facebook after Dec 4th. Success
  • I will complete one project around the house per week. 3/4
  • I will give thanks for something in my life every morning and record it on the blog every night. Forgot to blog few days
  • I will read one book every week. Book one: Minority Report, Book two: Oh, The things I know
  • I will not bite my fingernails. I’ve caught myself a few times, but definitely Success 
  • I will not use my cell phone after Dec. 4th. Success, calls are now allowed, see December 15th)
  • I will not visit any websites other than wordpress, email,,  and google images to give me funny pictures for my blog. (Also Travel websites are allowed for #22) Success
  • I will do whatever I need to do to squat 250 pounds. Success
  • I will spend the necessary time playing the trumpet to learn one entire song. Pending
  • I will spend the necessary time juggling 4 bean bags to learn to juggle four bean bags. Pending
  • I will finalize my plans to go to Florida in 2013. Pending
  • I won’t say a swear word, not one. Day 1: approx 12, Day 2: approx 5, Day 3: approx 2, Day 4: approx 2, Day 5: approx 6, Day 6: 2 exactly Day 7: approx 4, Day 8: I think zero. Day 9: back up to like 4. Day 10 approx 5 or 6. Day 11 approx 4. Day 12: 3 exactly Day 13: 2? maybe 3? Day 14: I think zero!? Day 15: A BIG ONE and like 2 more. Day 16: a couple here and there.

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