December 21st

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Monday-Thursday of this week I killed it. I needed 5,500 today to finish off the week and reach my goal. I was so exhausted after work today I took a nap for an hour and a half. I did NOT want to go back to the gym whatsoever. I went back to the gym. The nice thing about getting to the weight room at 8pm on a Friday night:


You get the place all to yourself.

Last two sets of squats: 5 of 205, 5 of 210. 210 was difficult. I’m a pansy. Monday is supposed to be 210 and 215…we’ll see how that goes.

Then I got my butt on the treadmill and hit my goal.

Picture 21



Crawling across the finish line is still finishing though.

I’m going to go see Jack Reacher tomorrow and I’m going to very much enjoy sitting my happy butt down in that theater seat and taking in 2 hours of entertainment.

On top of the crazy workout today, we had the company Christmas party. Cooler completely stocked with beer, and I picked up tons of food from Buffalo Wild Wings.

I drank water, and didn’t eat any of the food. That’s a pretty big win for the willpower, those wings looked delicious.

I’m sleeping in tomorrow. I know I’m supposed to get up at 5 on Saturdays. I’m breaking that one tomorrow. My body needs more than 6 hours of sleep after the week I put it through.

I will say that my cardio is fine compared to my legs. My legs start burning and my knees start hurting when I run, but my lung capacity and all that jazz is just fine.

Oh yeah, and I’m going to bed tonight under 250 pounds for the first time since…well…I don’t know…September? That’s a good feeling.

I’m finishing up my Christmas shopping tomorrow and making my gift for Christmas at my dad’s side of the family. We do a pink elephant type thing every year where you make something and wrap it up and no one knows what it is or who made it until it’s open. I’ve made some form of a clock for the past like 4 years running. I’m not making a clock this year. It’s time to move on. Get it? Time? Clocks? HOW AM I NOT A FAMOUS COMEDIAN. Moving on…

I’m thankful for two things today:  Magazines and no caffeine. Random right? I really enjoy sitting down with a Maxim, Men’s Health, Playgirl, whatever, when I eat my lunch. It’s relaxing.

I love not having caffeine crashes anymore. It’s amazing. I was talking with my bro bro Eli about how much caffeine I used to drink. I told him some days I’d have two Monsters, diet soda, and a five hour energy. His response was: “Dude, that’s like 30 hours of energy, and there’s only 24 hours in a day”.

I did the math, he’s right. I’m thankful I’m not doing that any longer. Smiley face.



Today’s RAOK was to donate money. AGAIN. I realize that I’ve bought my way out of quite a few RAOK’s this time around instead of physically going out and doing things. I plan on being more active now that I’m not focused on 6,000 Fuel points everyday. That really did take up a LOT of time.

Ok it’s midnight and I’m exhausted. Nighty night.

  • I will keep a blog of my activities everyday. Success
  • I will go for a jog of at least one mile or a swim, every morning. missed 3! OUCH
  • I will drink only water. Success
  • I will only eat things that myself or my friends/family have prepared. FAIL! I ATE BDUBS ONCE!
  • I will not eat BACON. Success – I MISS YOU BACON
  • I will exercise twice a day BESIDES THE JOG (30 minutes at least) Success
  • I will not ingest caffeine. Success
  • I will abstain from sex/self-love/prostitutes/your mom Success
  • I will perform one random act of kindness every day. Success
  • I will wake up at 5am everyday except Sunday. missed 3 OUCH AGAIN!
  • I will not watch any form of television/film (tv/movies/netflix) The only exception being one viewing of “A Christmas Story” while I stay the night at my parents’ house, and one movie in the theatre on Christmas with my family because that’s tradition and screw you this is my thing. Successfullish – SNL/Jack Reacher has been added as a nice reward for being awesome
  • I will not log into Facebook after Dec 4th. Success
  • I will complete one project around the house per week. 3/4
  • I will give thanks for something in my life every morning and record it on the blog every night. Forgot to blog few days
  • I will read one book every week. Book one: Minority Report, Book two: Oh, The things I know
  • I will not bite my fingernails. I’ve caught myself a few times, but definitely Success 
  • I will not use my cell phone after Dec. 4th. Success, calls are now allowed, see December 15th)
  • I will not visit any websites other than wordpress, email,,  and google images to give me funny pictures for my blog. (Also Travel websites are allowed for #22) Success
  • I will do whatever I need to do to squat 250 pounds. Success
  • I will spend the necessary time playing the trumpet to learn one entire song. Pending
  • I will spend the necessary time juggling 4 bean bags to learn to juggle four bean bags. Pending
  • I will finalize my plans to go to Florida in 2013. Pending
  • I won’t say a swear word, not one. Day 1: approx 12, Day 2: approx 5, Day 3: approx 2, Day 4: approx 2, Day 5: approx 6, Day 6: 2 exactly Day 7: approx 4, Day 8: I think zero. Day 9: back up to like 4. Day 10 approx 5 or 6. Day 11 approx 4. Day 12: 3 exactly Day 13: 2? maybe 3? Day 14: I think zero!? Day 15: A BIG ONE and like 2 more. Day 16: a couple here and there Day 17: like 4? Day 18: I caught myself much more often BEFORE I said them today, so I had like 2 or 3 slip out I think.

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