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Sorry bout that…I kinda fell off the deep end over the weekend. Willpower eluded me. Orrrrrrrrr I eluded it. But I will say…


I ate and drank and carried on and blah blah blah blah:


I think that’s like 2 pounds back up from 265.something

I’m ok with that. I partied my booty off. LADIES, don’t worry…my sweet, sweet backside is still there, it was merely a play on words.

I’m absolutely not ready to go hardcore back into it again…

"But I Must"

“But I Must”

So now that my ankle feels marginally better I’m going to go to the gym after work everyday. I have no time for Noon Hoops…and to be fair my ankle is STILL hurting. BUT TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE I WAS A LITTLE DRUNK THIS WEEKEND AND DID AWESOME THINGS AND WAS AWESOME AND DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE.

Not tonight though.

Tonight I’m sitting at home playing a video game. Which might entail some delivery food. I DON’T KNOW.*

This video game:


I’ve been waiting for around a year for this to come out. I played Bioshock 1 and 2 and I LOVED them. This third version is supposedly amazing and I will render my verdict toot-sweet on the issue henceforth scalawag otherwordsthatdon’tmakesensehere

I’m going to go play.

I love you all. Don’t fight. Follow me on twitter: @kenbonowitz

*it must definitely will involve delivery food.

I promise to get serious tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the gym at 5pm until 6pm doing squat thrusts or maybe something that looks like this: