There’s that.

Oh, the ankle wrap? Turns out if you have a flare up of the gout, and then you walk around with an inflamed ankle that isn’t fully healed, and then you twist your gout filled ankle, it doesn’t magically make things better. Instead, it makes things worse. I was prescribed some, wait, let me look at the box because for all I know the word is in Latin…here we go: Homocil.

Ok it’s actually called Cadista, which is MethylPREDNISolone.


Here lies the saddest photo willpowerthru has ever posted

There is actually a pretty great silver lining in the list of side effects to this medication you guys:

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 5.05.02 PM

Increased HAIR GROWTH!? YES.

I’ll be donating my hair in like a week rather than waiting until October!


The bad news is that the doc tells me I have to stay off my feet for 48 hours while the anti-inflammatory meds take effect. So I spent 4 hours at work today with my ankle elevated at my desk, then went home to sleep because guess what else Cadista does? Makes you woozy (see also: dizziness).

I’m going to try again tomorrow to sit at my desk, and hopefully by Friday I’ll be right as rain. Unfortunately, staying off my feet also happens to be the exact opposite of exercise. Simply laying around all day doing absolutely nothing except thinking about how awesome a jelly donut would be isn’t much of a calorie burn. Thankfully, sometimes the internet makes you feel better:

Thanks Neil, I don’t think I need that jelly donut now. Still, I’m not expecting tomorrows scale to say anything other than I’ve gained weight, which I’m fine with. I’ve got a couple days of that before I’ll be up and active enough to offset the calories that I consume.

That being said, I am currently happy about are my food choices.  At dinner last night with my friend I had a steak, with a lame salad, and a side of the world’s smallest bowl of cottage cheese. I did not have the Ben’s normal restaurant order:

  • Appetizer containing more food than most meals
  • Deep fried entree 
  • Side of deep friend somethings with ranch/bacon
  • One gallon of root beer/beer/something else witty and fattening

It was a win. Now back to the cottage cheese.

It might as well been the server coming over to the table and saying, “here comes the airplane”, and then giving me one spoonful of cottage cheese.

Actually, that would have been awesome.

Also, Round The Clock cooks a decent steak. I learn something new everyday.

ALSO, as I’m writing this I received a text from my brother, who lives in Hollywood and works on movie sets as a grip. From Wikipedia (click to go full screen if your eyes suck):

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 6.09.52 PM

He texted me to let me know that he’s on set with James Caan, and also that James Caan is awesome to be around. I always enjoy hearing stories about how nice actors and actresses are, especially due to the fact that he’s told me stories about a lot of very famous people that are kind of dicks.


I absolutely love that movie, it’s called “The Way of the Gun.” It contains by far and away, the best insult I’ve ever heard in a movie or real life. It’s got filthy language so you’ve been warned. Here’s a video of it and you can decide for yourself if you want to watch Ryan Phillippe give the best/most offensive three second insult ever:

  1. rinnieeats says:

    You’re not even mildly concerned about the irregular menstral cycles that may occur? If I had gone 30 years not having one menstral cycle and then straight to having IRREGULAR cycles, I would freak the hell right out!

  2. I’m more worried about the acne on my vomit.

    annnnnd that’s the most disgusting thing I could think of.

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