April 1

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

My son was a good boy. He was a little misunderstood. But he didn’t deserve to lose his life, by his hand or by any other. I’m sorry to say that Ben is dead. I don’t know how to make any of his funny pictures saying that we’ll miss him, but we will. Love and blessings,


Ben’s Mom and Dad.











I realize I haven’t posted in a while. I don’t care.

I have maintained something like 267-270 for about a week now.

Once again, I don’t care.

I followed doctor’s orders* regarding my ankle and I’m still limping.

I think it’s AIDS.



The doctor told me to stay off it, but I have this whole JOB thing where I have to walk around a lot and also you know…there’s this whole life thing that you can do if you want.

I don’t sprain my ankle anymore, I step slightly wrong and I get this big TWINGE that feels like shit for 3 seconds.

It’s not like:


But it still hurts, and I do it almost daily.

So my new plan is to try to take it as easily at work as I can, and then come home and put my foot up. I’m going to do this for one week. If it’s not better, I’m going to kill myself.

Ok that’s a lie, and kind of insensitive to people with suicidal thoughts. What I’m really going to do is this:

Kill a bunch of people that I think suck, and THEN kill myself.

See? That’s better!



God, tough crowd.

I’ll post more later, I’m just really pissed at my ankle right now – says the unhealthy guy that could have easily avoided this.

*I DRANK LIKE TWO DAYS while I was taking that anti-inflammatory medication.

  1. rmpanos says:

    Dude that sucks balls. I hope that ankle gets better man!!!!!! Keep on keepin on, it was good to see you today by the way, always a treat!!!!

  2. Mcdgerm says:

    I think you are on the right treatment in drinking more and really miss seeing you dazzel us with your ball skills at hoops. Not to mention your humor also

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