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My ankles are still jacked up and I can run around too much, and I’m still right around 270 somewhere and blah blah blah.

I don’t care because I’ve found a new hobby that I am THE WORST AT but also LOVE.

Stand-up comedy. I’ve always wanted to try it but my vagina just wouldn’t let me. Finally I said “f this noise” let’s DO THIS. I found that I love it.

I’ve done it three times.

Here’s the video evidence:

First time doing it:

Soooooo nervous and shitty.

Second time doing it:

More confidence, more sweat^^^

Third time was NOT an open mic…it was a comedy competition that I did not win. I thought it went pretty well though. It was this last Friday night. There were 70 people that PAID to see comedy that night. My third time ever being in front of anyone. The fact that I did not piss myself and pass out AMAZES me.

So now I’ve been asked to do a “guest spot” next Saturday…7 minutes followed by a featured performer doing 20 and a headliner doing 45.

We’ll see how it goes.

I’m super happy I decided to try it out, I’m in love with stand-up.

Thanks for watching and I’ll be back soon!