September 6th

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am uncomfortably tired right now.



6 hours of sleep last night and up for 18 as of now….I’m not 22 so this is a problem. I have to get into work tomorrow morning as well so I’m going to just post the list and go to bed. Sorry there’s nothing great in this post. I should have some time tomorrow to have a decently extended one to make up for it.

Also, but shout out to all 8 of you that actually clicked on the poll I put on yesterday’s post. 130 visitors and 8 people clicked it.

“oh hey look, Ben posted something he wants my opinion on”




I didn’t even want you guys to give me your opinion, I already got Brian’s opinion and Brian’s parents own a car dealership so his opinion is all I need. Ok?





Here’s the list:

1. Blog about it daily. DONE! (as of right now hitting publish at 11:56pm!)

2. 1600 Calories a day. DONE!

3. Only meals that have been cooked by someone not paid to cook. So like mom’s dinner yes, delivery pizza no. DONE! (I cooked ALLLLLLL THAT RIGHT THERE)


4. Read 4 books. (I’m open to suggestions!) Done with Delivering Happiness…next up is my friend Erin’s recommendation: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened…then Teresa’s recommendation: The Art of Racing in the Rain.

5. Work out once a day for more than 30 minutes. (this is going to be lenient, like walking is acceptable) DONE!

I swear I’m going to get caught lapping someone’s house and it’s gonna get weird, but it hasn’t yet.

6. Tweet one joke a day (I will be posting this one to Twitter @kenbonowitz) DONE!

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.49.56 PM

7. Drink only water. DONE!

8. 100% Abstinence (yes, that means no flogging the pope, or whatever awesome euphemism you use) DONE!

9. Do one RAOK a day! (this will probably be pretty lenient as well, but we’ll see) DONE!

I was friggin exhausted after work but a fellow comic was recording an album at the club tonight and although I really really really wanted to sleep, I went out and showed my support. While labeling this a “Random Act of Kindness” implies that I only went as a charity case blah blah blah…that’s not it at all. Dude is funny and had plenty of people show up to laugh with him tonight. I was looking forward to going earlier in the week but after work today it took a lot for me to…well…have the willpower to get over there and support it. Whatever, I know what I meant.

10. Surprise someone everyday. (probably my favorite submission out of all of them) DONE!

I surprised at least 3 people with phone calls today.

11. Learn to juggle 4 things. YOU KNOW WHY – NOT DONE

12. Learn a song on the trumpet. YOU KNOW WHY AGAIN – NOT DONE

13. Spend zero dollars. DONE!

14. Look like fat Thor (DONE!)

I got up from the table during the headliner’s set tonight and he goes “Where you goin THOR?” And that will now be on a comedy album.

15. No texting. I will be available to call or Skype or email. But I won’t be texting. (I AM however SNAPCHATTING BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME)

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