September 9th

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I used 93.12% of my willpower today at 9:30 by telling someone to have a nice day instead of beating them to coma. I was going to say beating them to death but that’s really harsh. So coma it is.

That should be my random act of kindness, but instead I’m going to say that I surprised that person by walking away instead of getting into an argument.

If you are an unregistered contractor and you get reported, and you think I had something to do with it, so you schedule a fake estimate to confront me about it, I should be legally allowed to put you in the hospital.

Let’s recap. ^ That shit happened today.

Monday morning, 9:32am and I’m driving away like


I got over it by making sure that I went out of my way to be nice to all of my potential customers today instead of carrying that shitty incident with me, and you know what, it really worked. That’s some willpower right there my friends.

Still though, what a dickbag.

On a non-dickbag note, my bff Timmy Mac brought a child into this world today and I was actually over in his town doing estimates so I got to pop in and see the little linebacker. (He’s 8 pounds 10 ounces).

He’s adorable.

Side note: I was driving over in Porter county today and I realized I didn’t have my wallet with me. I haven’t needed it in a while because of the no spending money so it’s not really that big of a deal. Oh wait, yes it is when the gas tank is nearing empty and you definitely don’t have enough to get back to LaPorte. Upon looking at the fuel level in my truck, my face:


Back to baby Timmy Mac.

You know that thing where you go to see your best friend in the hospital after he just had his first child and then you tell him you need him to give you money so that you can put gas in your truck.

You know, that old chestnut….


So yeah, Monday kinda tried to win today. That’s ok I still did my….

random act of kindness

Today’s RAOK: I got off work at 6ish and came home, put on some dishwashing gloves, and walked up and down the highway by my house picking up trash. I’m counting that as my exercise for the day as well because it was HOT AS BALLS and I was sweating buckets.

I’m going to spend the rest of my night reading.

1. Blog about it daily. DONE!

2. 1600 Calories a day. DONE!

3. Only meals that have been cooked by someone not paid to cook. So like mom’s dinner yes, delivery pizza no. DONE!

Every single day I make myself sandwiches for lunch and dinner and I have some cottage cheese and a few potato chips. I’ve only deviated a few times from this set up and it works for me.

4. Read 4 books. Done with Delivering Happiness…next up is my friend Erin’s recommendation: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened…then Teresa’s recommendation: The Art of Racing in the Rain…then Emily’s recommendation: Warmth of Other Suns

5. Work out once a day for more than 30 minutes. (this is going to be lenient, like walking is acceptable) DONE!

6. Tweet one joke a day (I will be posting this one to Twitter @kenbonowitz) DONE!

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 8.28.42 PM

7. Drink only water. DONE!

8. 100% Abstinence (yes, that means no flogging the pope, or whatever awesome euphemism you use) DONE!

9. Do one RAOK a day! (this will probably be pretty lenient as well, but we’ll see) DONE!

10. Surprise someone everyday. (probably my favorite submission out of all of them) DONE!

11. Learn to juggle 4 things. YOU KNOW WHY – NOT DONE

12. Learn a song on the trumpet. YOU KNOW WHY AGAIN – NOT DONE

13. Spend zero dollars. DONE!

14. Look like fat Thor (DONE!)

15. No texting. I will be available to call or Skype or email. But I won’t be texting. (I AM however SNAPCHATTING BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME) I did text Timmy Mac today because calling with a newborn baby in a hospital room seems like a dick move.

  1. mommyest09 says:

    I just saw the video at the beginning of this post. Omg! I couldn’t stop laughing!

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