September 17th

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m so busy trying to get everything in these last few days!

Millie is trying to make this difficult.

Example #1:


Millie is trying to make me look like Edward James Olmos


Example #2:

Example #3:


So we’re getting down to crunch time and I am going to have SUPER limited time to blog…so these will be a little shorter towards the end I’m sure.

Everything is really coming together for the comedy show. I did a quick set over in South Bend tonight to kinda go over what I’ll be doing Saturday, and it went really well so I’m confident Saturday will be a lot of fun and not as nerve inducing as I thought.

Just kidding, I’m going to be nervous as SHIT.

Like…McLovin nervous.










OK you get it.


1. Blog about it daily. DONE!

2. 1600 Calories a day. DONE! Down about 20 pounds now.

3. Only meals that have been cooked by someone not paid to cook. So like mom’s dinner yes, delivery pizza no. DONE!

4. Read 4 books. Done with Delivering Happiness…next up is my friend Erin’s recommendation: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened…then Teresa’s recommendation: The Art of Racing in the Rain…then Emily’s recommendation: Warmth of Other Suns

5. Work out once a day for more than 30 minutes. (this is going to be lenient, like walking is acceptable) DONE!

Millie yet again with the playing in the yard.

6. Tweet one joke a day (I will be posting this one to Twitter @kenbonowitz) DONE!

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 10.31.01 PM

7. Drink only water. DONE!

8. 100% Abstinence (yes, that means no flogging the pope, or whatever awesome euphemism you use) DONE!

9. Do one RAOK a day! (this will probably be pretty lenient as well, but we’ll see) DONE!

I went so far out of my way for a client today I should get a seamless gutter MEDAL.

10. Surprise someone everyday. (probably my favorite submission out of all of them) DONE!

I surprised my neighbor with Millie today! She fell in love with her immediately of course.

11. Learn to juggle 4 things….I’m SO CLOSE on this one!!!

12. Learn a song on the trumpet. YOU KNOW WHY AGAIN – NOT DONE

13. Spend zero dollars (ON MYSELF) DONE!

14. Look like fat Thor (DONE!)

15. No texting. I will be available to call or Skype or email. But I won’t be texting. (I AM however SNAPCHATTING BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME)

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