October 20th (Day 4)

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I flossed today! That might not sound like a big deal, but I could barely lift my arms because P90X is no joke and I don’t know why I’d forgotten that. I mean I’ve done it before! My arms are so sore!

It’s already 10pm and I’ve got to get to sleep, so I’m going to run through this post pretty quickly.  Plus  I’m watching my parents’ dog Stella while they’re down in Indianapolis, so having Millie and Stella has been a lot to keep tabs on today too:

I have no idea why I laughed like a creep at the end there…weird.

I did wake up at 7am today even though I didn’t make a post about it on the Facebook. I got a LOT done today too, so I was pretty happy. Today I went to the grocery story:



That pizza box is at least 2 weeks old, because I’m a single guy.



My love of cottage cheese is well known…well, now.

I went into work for a few hours and got caught up on some stuff there, I had breakfast with my friends, I cleaned out my truck, I went to improv class (which I LOVE), I went to dinner in Valpo with Timmy Mac and watched the first half of the Colts/Broncos game, and now I’m about to pass the hell out and hope that Stella doesn’t whine all night.


Evidently this is coming down the pipe for us…so work is about to get harder to accomplish everyday, which is never fun. It’s inevitable though, so you just have to accept it and do your best, right? RIGHT?

Excited about waking up tomorrow and getting it right for once.

On that note I’ll shave my RAOK and be done.


I was at dinner with Timmy Mac, and I saw an old acquaintance of mine with his kid. We said hi and blah blah, no big deal. On the way out, he motions me over, and his 6 or 7 year old kid is standing there, and the guy goes: “This is Thor out of his costume.” The kids jaw drops and he’s looking at me in awe, so I immediately puff up the chest and get into character and make him promise to be a good boy for his dad and all that jazz. That’s not even really a random act of kindness so much for the kid, but for ME.  It made MY day that someone thought I could actually pull off “Thor” instead of “Fat Thor”.

It’s probably those 2 pounds I’ve lost.

1. Blog about it everyday: Done

2. Wake up at 5 am on week days and 7am on weekends: Done, and I haven’t gone back to sleep immediately in 2 whole days!

3. Go to the gym before work on the days I work: 0/3 EPIC FAIL SO FAR

4. Floss everyday (I just know I should do it more) Done

5. Teach Millie to come to me. (she knows “sit”…and that’s all) Not Done

6. Do a Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK) everyday. DONE

7. Say “yes” to something once a week that I would normally have said “no” to. 0/7 so far

8. 5 Videos for Charity 0/5 filmed….2/5 planned

9. Weigh 242 pounds or under at the end of the 50 days or donate 1,000 dollars to the KKK I guess we’ll see…

10. Eat one meal that has vegetables in it every week. Which means I will ingest 7 more vegetables than I would have normally. 0/7 so far

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