October 21st (Day 5)

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This is how I’ve decided to time stamp it…by making it public rather than private. It might get a little annoying to people to see me post so often on Facebook, but the way I look at it, you really juOH MY GOD I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT.

A few changes to the comedy website again, specifically this awesome picture:


Click the picture and check out how the new site looks if you haven’t!

So back to today. If you’ve been following along, you’d know that my parents went to Indy for the Colts game yesterday and I watched their pooch, Stella.

If you haven’t been following along, then welcome to my blog! I’m Ben, I do stupid things for funsies and post GIFs that sometimes make no sense!


Stella is an enormous boxer, and last time she stayed over, I got 45 minutes of sleep TOTAL. That’s legit too, no exaggeration. That bitch kept me up allllll night…RIGHT FELLAS!?


Really though, she’s a little jerk who whines and whines and yelps and barks ALL night if my parents aren’t around. Evidently the trick is to have her little kennel/cage thing in the room with you while you sleep. Totally works. Thanks for telling me about that before I watched her last time, TIM.*

*Sometimes I call my dad Tim when I’m fake mad at him on my blog.

Last night was fine, I got good sleep. I woke up at 5. I let the dogs out, put on the workout clothes, put Stella and Millie back in their respective kennels, and went out to my truck to go to the gym.


Hey Ben, Why did you post a gif of Kate Upton in a bikini?


Now this could have been bad or good, I don’t know. I had to pee and decided I didn’t want to drive to the gym without peeing first. No big deal. When I got back inside my house I just heard the most horrific cage rattling ever. Evidently, Stella’s routine does NOT include being put back into her kennel in the morning and that dog was going APESHIT.


It was terrifying. So I let her out.

Then I let Millie out.

Then I cried.

Ok, I didn’t cry, I just tried to do some P90X with two dogs in my living room.



If you are going to do P90X with dogs in the room, a lot of moves look like you are trying to screw with them so they attack you.



Now I could have just left Stella in her kennel, but I didn’t feel like chancing her destroying the cage and ripping up my house.

Point is, I fought through all that crap and still KINDA got a work out in. So there we go.

I was the only one in the office today until about 1:30, and I was gone from 9am to 12pm doing estimates, so there were quite a few callbacks to make at the office when I got back. I attacked work today something fierce. I even had time to book my flight to Florida for an actual honest to goodness, toes in the sand VACATION this winter. I’m really looking forward to it. I ate a healthy sandwich for dinner and then saw Escape Plan at the theater. I haven’t seen a movie at the theater since We’re The Millers came out I think in August, which has got to be some kind of record for me. I LOVE going to movies. 2 months is too long.

The downside to that is it is currently 11:11 and I’m just wrapping up this blog. See you in less than 6 hours!


1. Blog about it everyday: Done

2. Wake up at 5 am on week days and 7am on weekends: Done

3. Go to the gym before work on the days I work, my excuses are getting better.

4. Floss everyday (I just know I should do it more) Done (I ran out of Floss-ups today so I used regular floss…not a fan)

5. Teach Millie to come to me. (she knows “sit”…and that’s all) Not Done

6. Do a Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK) everyday. DONE (Today was one of those…”don’t you worry about what I did, I know I did it” ones)

7. Say “yes” to something once a week that I would normally have said “no” to. 0/7 so far

8. 5 Videos for Charity 0/5 filmed….2/5 planned

9. Weigh 242 pounds or under at the end of the 50 days or donate 1,000 dollars to the KKK I guess we’ll see…

10. Eat one meal that has vegetables in it every week. Which means I will ingest 7 more vegetables than I would have normally. 0/7 so far

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