October 23rd

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have an emergency “fail safe” alarm clock that goes off every morning every morning well after my normal alarm. I’m never here to hear it, but it gives me piece of mind that even if I sleep through my normal alarm, that one will keep me from sleeping until noon.

Today my fail safe alarm woke me up. I think my brain and body just shut down from too much of doing the things. You know


So I didn’t wake up on time, I was late for work, it was snowy, and I had a LOT of things banging around up in the ole skull.

Could have been a bad day.

Wasn’t a bad day.

I started over as soon as I got into my truck this morning. Deep breath, “let’s just do all the things and make today a great day”

Disaster averted. I worked pretty diligently today and get everything wrapped up and I just finished up my workout for the night, it is currently 6pm and I’m going to go to dinner with Brad and Cary to catch Cary up on some of the stuff that he missed at our improv class last Sunday.

The two specialty shows are tomorrow and Friday at the Drop and I’m PUMPED about them. Especially Friday.


That’s my jam!

Get it? ohhhh Ben, you are a stupid.

No but really! Friday is my JAM! I get to sit there and make fun of a movie in front of an audience. It’s basically my dream come true. Well, Kate Upton won’t be giving me a handy during the show BUT STILL.

So come on out to those shows if you love me. I’ll buy you a shot or a beer or something.

We are brainstorming new ideas for “Specialty shows” so if you think of something that you’d like to see comedy wise, reach out and let me know! We’re kicking around a few ideas like some improv stuff, some gameshow style stuff, possibly another murder mystery dinner…I’ll keep you posted but really, hit me up if you have a cool or unique idea for a comedy show!


Today’s Random Act of Kindess was work related, but it definitely applies. I have a hard rule about not entering people’s houses so the can show me the water damaged area of the basement, or the wall, or the ceiling, or whatever. It doesn’t help me figure out the problem and it just wastes time. Also, not entering a basement of a stranger is the number one way to avoid a Buffalo Bill situation.


Or even a Buffalo Bills situation:


Either one would be terrible.

I stepped inside this little old lady’s house, gave her the quote for the work I was proposing, and was walking towards the door…and then she asked me, “If I had an issue with a hole in my wall, is that something you could look at?” Standard response is no, because I know nothing about that kinda construction issue. I felt like she really wanted to tell me about it, so I asked her what the issue was and then 10 minutes later I left the house. It’s only 10 minutes, but when you are trying to get all the things done, 10 minutes here and there will DESTROY your day.

Still though, I gave her some recommendations and helped her out.


I forgot to floss! Hold on…

Ok done. Man, that only takes like a minute. I need to do that daily no matter what.

Dentists would probably be behind that, then again…


On the Millie “come here” challenge…she’s actually doing really well and I expect this one to be easier than I thought. I’m so lucky to have her, she’s a great pooch. Side note, I got a fence for the yard so Millie can frolic and be joyful.




If you look closely, you can see Mille not giving a shit about the expensive fence that daddy just put in because she wants to go inside.

I built up such a calorie bank today and I’m going to drink beer and eat wings tonight…huge shout out to my friend Andrea for paying up on a bet we had from a while back…got myself a 25 dollar gift certificate to the Bdubs! Never pick Gonzaga over IU!

Before I head out the door I’ll share this.

I’ve been dreaming again. Actual dreams up in my brain during sleep time. When I had Larry (RIP, best/worst dog ever) he would wake me up a lot in the middle of the night, and towards the end for about 3 or 4 months I would wake up every other hour for 5 minutes or so to take him out or get him a drink or food. Literally 5 to 7 times a night, every night. I didn’t think about it at the time, it was just the routine. Looking back, HOLY SHIT I got so sleep deprived that my brain was saying, Dreams?


Now that I’m back to dreaming, I really don’t enjoy it. I’m not having good dreams. I’m having those “I forgot to do this or I didn’t get that done” dreams which are just the WORST.

Those dreams are worse than Hitler.

*insert funny joke about why that’s true*

Back at it tomorrow, kids. Have a great night!

1. Blog about it everyday: Done

2. Wake up at 5 am on week days and 7am on weekends: FAILED TODAY

3. Go to the gym before work on the days I work: P90X!

4. Floss everyday (I just know I should do it more) The actual floss shreds and is not good. I miss Floss Ups

5. Teach Millie to come to me. (she knows “sit”…and that’s all) We’re getting there!

6. Do a Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK) everyday. DONE

7. Say “yes” to something once a week that I would normally have said “no” to. 1/7 so far

8. 5 Videos for Charity 0/5 filmed….2/5 planned

9. Weigh 242 pounds or under at the end of the 50 days or donate 1,000 dollars to the KKK I guess we’ll see…

10. Eat one meal that has vegetables in it every week. Which means I will ingest 7 more vegetables than I would have normally. 0/7 so far

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