October 29th (Day 13)

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

My morning:Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.44.15 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.44.25 PMSo, we’re shooting for three in a row here. P90X was making me sore…but actual weightlifting…It’s killing me…but I think you can see some results, check out this after picture:


So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good.

Today I did the gym stuff, went to work until 4:30, grocery store til 4:50, showered and went to the comedy club for the owner’s meeting, shot back home to do a little work online, and now I need to rush through this so I can get more than 7 hours of sleep before 5am.


Ok ok, sheesh Jersey Shore guy that is not The Situation. Rude.

In an effort to up my numbers on the Nike Fuel band today, I parked further away from things. It’s one of those things that’s super easy and healthy to do, but no one does it.


1,000 parking spots in the area. 30 cars in the entire lot, all parked as close to the building as possible because screw a 20 second walk, right?

Something I’m going to try to remember, park as far away from things as possible. I like it.

It worked though:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.47.25 PM



Luckily, I parked so far away.


I bought peas and corn. Baby steps. I can’t even look at this picture. Disgusting.


This is what I have to do at night so I have no excuse in the morning. It’s pretty sad, but it helps.

What else, AH! The RAOK did happen today but it’s a non-public one. (don’t worry, it was totally sexy and you should weep openly about not getting to know the story)

Twitter joke!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.07.25 PM

I’m about to eat right before bed. I don’t believe in the “when” of eating, I just believe in the “what and how much”. Daily intake:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.29.28 PM


1. Blog about it everyday: DONE

2. Wake up at 5 am on week days and 7am on weekends: DONE

3. Must physically step foot into the YMCA and workout every morning before work (P90X doesn’t count): DONE

4. Floss everyday (I just know I should do it more) DONE

5. Teach Millie to come to me. (she knows “sit”…and that’s all) DONE!

6. Do a Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK) everyday. DONE

7. Say “yes” to something once a week that I would normally have said “no” to. 2/7

8. 5 Videos for Charity 

9. Weigh 242 pounds or under at the end of the 50 days or donate 1,000 dollars to the KKK 

10. Eat one meal that has vegetables in it every week. Which means I will ingest 7 more vegetables than I would have normally. 1/7

The add ons:

11. Nothing to drink other than water (no booze, pop, beer, OJ, milk, Crystal Light…NADA) DONE

12.  Publish one new joke on Twitter every day. DONE

13. Only eat food that has been purchased at the grocery store and/or prepared by someone not paid to do so. DONE

14.  Keep an accurate calorie count of all food every day. DONE

15. No spending money on anything other than necessities (example…bills, groceries, clothes are ok) DONE

16. Full abstinence (because any willpower month that doesn’t include not touching your dick is just silly) DONE

17.  Wear the Nike Fuel band every day and hit 3,000 fuel points everyday DONE

18. Finally learn a damn song on the trumpet.


  1. mommyest09 says:

    Canned peas and carrots? I love veggies, but it doesn’t get much grosser than that.

  2. Jolie says:

    Eat fresh food! It tastes so much better that you might enjoy them more however loving meat & potatoes is totally and Anderson trait! Just ask Dad. Love the parking further away thing. I think it’s ridiculous that people park as close to the gym as they can just to walk on a treadmill.

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