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November 14th (Day 29)

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I took this of Millie today:


Just kidding, that’s not Millie…BUT MAN that is something she would do.

Take a look at this:


That’s pretty good stuff.

Today I worked and came home and I don’t feel very good so I’m sitting/laying in my bed and binge watching Key and Peele.

It’s so much better than I thought it was going to be, and I thought it was going to be great.

Here’s my random act of kindness. I was contacted today about dressing up like Thor and going to a kid’s birthday party. It’s next Friday and I’m doing it. If you have a kid that likes Thor and think would like to meet him as well, let me know, I’m sure we could make that happen. The look on their face is awesome.


I’m hoping to be back to the gym tomorrow or Saturday, this really isn’t so much fun, but it reminds me that I take for granted every day that I’m not hurt or sick. So it’s a good thing.

I was told the other day that me being so positive was really annoying. I answered that with “Thank you for the critique, that helps me be a better person!” which, I don’t know if you know this or not, translates into “Die in a fire”. Plus if you respond to negativity with more positive vibes, it REALLY pisses people off and I think I could survive off that feeling instead of food. That was a weird tangent.

OH! Here’s the deal. I want you to come to this:


Last time we had 15-20 people…I’d really like 40 people to be at this one. Do what you can!

I only ate like 1000 calories today. I don’t even remember what it was…flatbread something that I made. It was very roast beefy…I think it might have been roast beef.

ALSO. This is the funniest gif I’ve ever seen:


I’ve laughed at that for like 5 minutes straight. Oh man. Kids getting hurt SLAYS me.

Case in point:




I think I might secretly be a horrible person? Does anyone WITH kids think these are funny? Let me know, thanks.

I’m going to attempt to get back to the willpower stuff tomorrow, depending on how I feel. I miss the gym.