May 5th 2014

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15_Days and I’m about 20 pounds down (thought it was 25, but I was bad at meth math) Oh, also I just wrote that^^^ and then I spent the next 5 minutes thinking about and researching a terrible throwaway joke to tweet: Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 8.50.23 PM The research part of that was to make sure the actual money for grams made sense. I don’t know how many meth addicts follow me on Twitter, but I don’t need those people correcting me on shit. I’ve got enough going on. ANYWAY So yeah, it’s been 15 days and I’m down some weight and I feel better and blah blah blah


Sandie_KyleKinane_Final1flat   He was fucking hilarious. Just wow and wow. He’s also wickedly smart, gracious, affable, and just fun to be around. There was a very drunk woman that came up to him after the show and stated, “I want to dump my boyfriend and be with you.” Her boyfriend was standing right next to her. Awkward_Alert So, Kinane is on a completely different level than most other headliners I’ve seen in my life, and I was just awestruck by how great he really is at the craft. Now that I’m not whittling away the hours like…. archerdrinking …I’ve been making myself dinners and lunches and sometimes breakfasts (breakfast is still mainly in protein bar form). So here’s a video of me making a pizza for myself FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I mean, there’s no reason for the video of it, obviously there’s a reason I made the pizza. The reason was to eat the pizza. Ugh. Duh. Out of the oven and before I made it an entrant in the contest “Fastest food stuffed in Ben’s taste hole”: 20140504_123444 Here’s the best part. 1/2 of that pizza was about 445 calories. Calories in a comparable 1/2 a pizza from the Hut or Dominos or something 1250…so you know, that’s a thing. I’m still drinking only water, it’s just the routine now. I don’t miss soda, beer, or anything else really. The whole gout situation has really put a damper on walking daily thing, but I’m still pretty active everyday at work so I feel okay about it. I’m having more blood work run the week of the 18th so the doc is going to check my uric acid levels and everything and I guess we’ll see what’s what.

Oh yeah, lastly…my buddy Jon Baldizon did this little awesomeness of me:


Check out his website, he’s super talented and looking to take on more graphic design work!


  1. Brady says:

    I see you’ve retained your mad pizza making skills from the old Albano’s days! (And pineapple on pizza. Yes.)

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