I had a Christmas party to go to tonight, so I’m late to start the blog. Tomorrow morning I’m going to want to murder death kill my alarm clock. Yes, that’s a Demolition Man reference. WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO TALK MORE ABOUT IT.


1. Wake up by 5:30am every weekday and 7:30am every weekend day. Done. I was so incredibly tired this morning and the bed was so comfortable.

It’s probably because I’m a clinomaniac. Totally a real disorder.



Maybe it’s because the last time I worked out at all, the Bears season was looking pretty good.

2. Eat breakfast everyday. Done. I had some leftover turkey taco stuff (The calories of which had already been counted in yesterdays total) and I cooked three eggs and then BOOM! As an added bonus, I found the saddest use for a Jack Daniels glass:



3. Cardio every morning before work, weekends before doing anything else. Done. I had to put it on like 3 mph because my legs really did hurt. I’m a real big puss puss guys.

4. Drink only water, at least a gallon a day. Done. I probably put down 2 gallons today. Is it weird that I only pee once a day for about 4 minutes straight though?

HA. Could you imagine? No, I’m pretty much on my way to or coming back from the bathroom all day long now. But could you imagine. 4 minute pee?

feelsgood5. No fast food, and if I am at a sit down restaurant, order whatever the healthiest meat option is on the menu.

I was at a christmas party tonight and I had ordered the meal weeks ago. Prime rib, Broccoli, Chedder stuffed baked potato, and cheesecake. I cut the fat off the prime rib, ate 4 pieces of broccoli (SHOCKING), passed on everything else. Drank water.


It was brutal.

6. Cardio every night after work. Done Only 15 minutes today. I couldn’t really do more with the short amount of time I had

7. Lift weights 3 days a week. So tomorrow is Thursday, then Friday, then Sunday. I’m going to have to do it then to get it in this week. This is HARD.

8. Eat vegetables every night with a meal. Done. See a 33 year old man have his mom take a picture of him eating broccoli for his blog up above. Is that the saddest sentence I’ve ever typed? Mayyyyybe.

9. Listen to/read one chapter of a book everyday. Done. More Power of Habit. Almost done with it.

10. Learn a new skill that I’ve never attempted before by working on it 30 minutes a day.

Well, let’s go check the poll:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.22.56 PM

Looks like I’ll be crocheting. Well shit. I’ll go buy stuff tomorrow to start tomorrow night.

11. Perform a random act of kindness every day. I WAS SO CLOSE TO paying for a really hot girls vet bill today but then I saw the wedding ring, so…pshhh have DAVE* pay for it.

*Dave probably isn’t her husbands name, also paying for hot girls’ stuff isn’t really a RAOK, so instead I called a customer of mine at work and did something pretty nice for her about her bill.

12. Blog every day (even if it’s just a quick update to document what I’ve done that day) DoNe.

13. Quit biting fingernails. Today was even better than yesterday.

14. Volunteer once a week. Tomorrow AND Friday!

15. Count all calories. Done:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.30.33 PM16. Organize one thing (area of the house, table, dresser, cabinet) in my house everyday. DONE!

20141210_102925 20141210_104135

17. Spend 30 minutes every night planning the next day. This is going to consist of setting my clothes out tonight. I think this will be the toughest one to really incorporate every day.

18. Floss every day. Done! More blood! YES! Wait. What?

19. Compliment someone everyday on something other than their looks. Done. I complimented my friend John on how humorous I find him.

Did you know that the funny bone is actually a nerve? That’s humerus.

That’s what I’m ending on tonight. A reallllllll shitty joke.




  1. Sufilizard says:

    I kind of feel like I’m doing some self-improvement vicariously through you. Thanks Ben!

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