I’m not proofreading. I’ts Late and i’m tire.



  1. Wake up by 5:30am every weekday and 7:30am every weekend day. Done – today was work though so it was pretty easy to wake up earlier than I normally would have on a weekend.
  2. Eat breakfast everyday. YOGURT!
  3. Cardio every morning before work, weekends before doing anything else. I did not do this because I knew I was going Disc Golfing which is basically walking for 2 straight hours.
  4. Drink only water, at least a gallon a day. I had to get up from the restaurant table 2 different times to pee. I honestly don’t remember the last time that’s happened. I’m obviously normally very poorly hydrated and my kidneys are probably going to quit on me tomorrow.
  5. No fast food, and if I am at a sit down restaurant, order whatever the healthiest meat option is on the menu. Ate a great healthy meal before I went to 3rd Base (a restaurant here in town) so it was really easy to watch my friends eat and just sit there with my water. 
  6. Cardio every night after work. Same as 3
  7. Lift weights 3 days a week. “Lifted” Thurs/Friday and now tomorrow will be the next day
  8. Eat vegetables every night with a meal. Zucchini, Onion, Yellow Squash! (more tomorrow) 
  9. Listen to/read one chapter of a book everyday. Done
  10. Learn a new skill that I’ve never attempted before by working on it 30 minutes a day. Done
  11. Perform a random act of kindness every day. Done
  12. Blog every day (even if it’s just a quick update to document what I’ve done that day) Duh
  13. Quit biting fingernails. This is actually going really well
  14. Volunteer once a week. 2 times this week!
  15. Count all calories. Done
  16. Organize one thing (area of the house, table, dresser, cabinet) in my house everyday. Done
  17. Spend 30 minutes every night planning the next day. Done
  18. Floss every day.  Done
  19. Compliment someone everyday on something other than their looks. Done – ugly christmas sweaters abound tonight!

I’m going to post all the pictures from today on tomorrow’s blog. it’s 11:31 and I’ve been up since 7 something so in order to not screw up tomorrow I’m going to BED.

Sorry as always for the short post.

Here’s a gif of Vince Carter dunking over a 7 footer. Goodnight!


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