Woke. Banana. Worked. Food. Went Swimming. Flossed. Crochet. Organized. Created online ticketing for charity show. Went to the comedy club in South Bend to make fun of a movie in front of people. Eating/blogging now. Then crash hard and sleep forever.

It’s already 10:30.

I’ve realized that if I do anything significant (like something that takes 2-3 hours at night) then my blog is the thing that I can’t spend time on. It normally takes me an hour or more to craft my amazing posts. Tonight is a another speed round.

RAOK today, I agreed to MC a charity auction in January. FUN!


I THINK I’m chaining that thing into itself the right way, but I’m going to try it a different way tomorrow with another piece of yarn to see which way is the right way and which way looks like Opie from Family Guy did it.



I thought the dash of my truck could use some love. Forgot to take the “before” picture, but it wasn’t pretty.


Proof that I at least carry floss with me…

Check out that sweet fence and that sweet beware of dog sign and that sweet garage light and garage door. I’m such a baller, you guys.

The next charity show is going to benefit the actual theatre that lets us put the other charity shows on. It’s like charinception… charity for the people that help make charity happen. Charinception.



This time around I’m going to perform. It’s going to be an improv show with the amazing Disposable Theatre. These guys and gals are the real deal. So if you like shows like Whose Line is it Anyway, but want to see less talented people do it…BUY TICKETS!

Just kidding, you’ll laugh your ass off, I’m hilarious.

Here’s the link to purchase them right now online…this will be the 4th show we’ve done, and the first 3 have sold out, so I’m trying to keep that streak going!


I went over to South Bend for the Drop Comedy Club’s Christmas party/comic appreciation night. We did this:


That’s me on the right, don’t I look handsome?

It was so damn funny. That’s a great group of comics over there. If you haven’t been to a show at the Drop, you really are missing out on some VERY funny stuff.

I’m absolutely exhausted, goodnight lovers. I wish everyday my food log looked like this…swimming is amazing:

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.44.03 PM


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