December 19th

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Comedy, Crochet, Diet, exercise, Habit forming, Inspiration, Lifestyle change, Motivation, weight loss


My finger feels much better. Now the bottom of my foot is bruised something fierce. I’m kind of limping around like a weirdo. When I wasn’t doing anything active, I wasn’t ever hurting! That always runs through my head when I start exercising after taking a break. That’s a dumb line of thought, but it still creeps in your head, ya know? I had plans to go into Chicago tonight with some friends for some Christmas festivities, but I thought that would be too much walking around, so instead I’m heading to a local shindig where I can just relax my feetsies.

I’m having a nice dinner before I go…Herb-roasted chicken is in the oven right now as I’m typing this, I’m using boneless/skinless chicken breasts instead of bone in/skin on thighs….so we’ll see what happens. This recipe includes one of my favorite elementary school insults.


It’s supposed to look like this:


Here’s a picture of how mine turned out tonight:


Not terrible!

Today’s organizing before:




I culled the closet of about 20 items to donate to State Street for them to give out to peoples. There’s totally a pair of swim trunks in there.


Today’s crochet was a decent breakthrough! I tried two different ways to try to turn the damn thing over. The one on the right is yesterday’s, and the left is today’s. I think I found out how to do it the right way!


I kept going with it and ended up with this today:


If I didn’t know better I’d say that looks kinda like something that’s being crocheted.

drop the mic

I went swimming again today because of the foot pain. I try to get through as much of this workout as I can in 40 minutes and then jump to the cool down part no matter where I am in the sets.

  • Warmup
    • 4 x 25 swim
  • Kick Set
    • take 15 seconds rest in between
    • 4 x 25 w/ kickboard
    • 2 x 25 no kickboard
    • 4 x 25 w/ kickboard
    • 2 x 25 no kickboard
  • Swim Set
    • 2 x 50 easy -30 seconds rest in between 50s
    • 4 x 50 medium -20 seconds rest
    • 5 x 50 medium-hard -15 seconds rest
  • Cooldown
    • 1 x 100 very easy

Last time I did it, I got through the first set of 5×50 in 40 minutes and then had to go to the cooldown. Today I got through the first three sets of the 5×50. PROGRESS!

Also progressing…not biting my fingernails. They are long enough that it hurts sometimes when I touch myself.


I mean I catch my nail on my other fingers or I scratch my arm like normal and it’s like HOLY SHIT what the Hell is that?

Also, they get dirty. Ew. There will be no pictures of my nails until I grow them out and get them manicured, because trust me, you don’t want to see them until then.

Oh hey, did you know that one gallon of water is approximately seven and a half 16.9 ounce bottles? I wondered that today for you. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

What else….hmmmmm OH!

I finished this audio book today:


Lot’s of interesting info in this one, I enjoyed it and I’m going to try to implement a few strategies from the text. The whole point of the book is to get you to say no to more things, but go all in on the things you say yes to.

I’m off to eat my dinner and head out to this par-tay.

Enjoy your night and we’ll see how much I can screw up crochet tomorrow.





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