I know I spread myself too thin when I do these willpower months. It’s part of the fun being able to look back and say “damn, that was a busy friggin day and look how much I got done.”

That being said, my body is falling apart on me for sure. Today my lower back really started bugging me and my foot isn’t 100% and my finger still bugs me. I’m really glad I RICE’d up my foot yesterday before heading out to the Christmas festivities.



I was able to go disc golfing today without limping, so that was a good thing. It actually felt pretty good afterwards, so I guess that rest/ice really did work.

I forgot to take a picture of my crochet today, I tried to increase the amount of time I did it by feel rather than looking right at it…it didn’t really work out so well. I think I’ll be staring dead at it from now on.

I’m making myself some pizza to take over to my friend’s place for a friendsmas gathering tonight. We usually order pizza from a Pizza Hut or something, so this is the healthier version for me personally. I’m looking forward to getting made fun of for bringing my own food.

I think tomorrow I’m going to just relax and rest up my body. So no exercise tomorrow, but everything else will still need to be done obvi.


Oh Alison Brie, why don’t you just lift that restraining order and we’ll get married like I keep talking with your lawyers about.

Anyway, so much to do still and I’ve gotta be out the door here in like 15 minutes.

I donated 10 dollars to Unicef today for my RAOK.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 5.52.23 PM


Everything else is going really well…I think I’m down about 12 pounds. Good start.

Have a great Saturday night everyone!

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