With the holiday coming up I’ve been preoccupied with shopping for the loved ones. Plus we’re still trying to take advantage of the not too crappy weather to get a little more work in before it really starts coming down on us…so yeah, it’s getting hard to make time for everything! If anything gets left off the list, I make sure that the eating healthy/drinking water/exercising part of things is still going strong. The flossing and listening to a chapter a day of a book is super easy now that it’s routine, and I don’t bite my nails anymore. The Raoking and crocheting is harder to squeeze in because I forget about it until it’s way late at night. I’m forgoing the crochet for the next two days so that I can make a very crafty gift (THANKS HG TV!) for my family’s white elephant exchange on Christmas Eve. I figure trading craft for craft for the next few days isn’t too terrible. Plus this gift I’m making is more time consuming that I thought it would be. I shall post pictures after it gets into the hands of the person it’s going home with.




I went to the gym to swim today. I was about to jump into the pool when I was told that I couldn’t swim today due to the kids class occupying the pool for the rest of the day. I checked the times for lap swimming today, but failed to read the bottom of the printout where the blackout days are listed. So that was a big ole waste of time. That is the MOST frustrating thing, when I plan time for an activity but I can’t do it because of my own stupidity. So I came home and got on the treadmill and lifted weights in my basement like some kind of weirdo.

I don’t have a finished basement and I don’t really enjoy spending too much time down there, especially because it smells musty and feels like I’m breathing moldy air.

Eventually I’d love to put one of these bad boys somewhere:


That would be sweet.

Oh man, check this out:

My dream is to build a pole building on my property with a gym/endless pool setup on one side, and a rec/party/bar/home theatre on the other. If I ever do that, you guys are all invited to hang out.

For now, I’m remodeling my bathroom this winter. I’ve decided to start with that since my bathroom is currently tiny and ugly, and I’ve lived with it for a few years now. No mas! I’m expanding it into the third bedroom, and the one feature that I will have is a shower with a rainfall shower. Everything else can be basic as H E double hockey sticks, but that shower is going to be the bomb-diggity.



Alright, back to my craft.

Also, I’m down 15 pounds. FUN.




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