100 pounds 244 days

Posted: May 23, 2017 in Uncategorized


My friend and podcast producer came up with this awesome graphic (we’ll change it to 244 days to reflect 100% accuracy, but this is the shit!)

This blog has gone from random willpower challenges, to a movie challenge, to now the biggest challenge of my life. Losing 100 pounds in 7ish months.

This blog will accompany a weekly podcast about the challenge.

Podcast Bio:

I’ve been doing this since May 1st for those of you with zero reading comprehension from literally one paragraph ago, so I’m down 33 pounds so far. Based on that weight loss rate, this seems to be very easy. It is of course, not. The first 30 pounds melt off and then it gets difficult as balls. The last 67 pounds. There’s where the challenge is, I tell myself as I begin to cry.

I’ve imposed a 1300-2000 calorie guideline for my eating, with zero exercise thus far as my gout (yes, I’m 35 and I have gout, shut up) is a real issue. I limp around mucho right now as my body is getting used to new long term medication/a huge change in my diet.

I AM excited to start lifting weights and doing cardio to compliment my eating correctly. “ohhh eating correctly, you’re sexy AF.” -me, complimenting my eating correctly.

I’m going to TRY to blog twice a week, and in the month of July I’m going to shoot for everyday as I’m going to do something really fun (at least I think it’ll be fun) I’m going to try to live inside a Men’s Health magazine.

download (8)               Sure Why NOT                       download (8)

I’ll take the latest issue of Men’s Health, and try to do absolutely everything inside it to see how much of an impact I can make. I’ll be making all recipes, doing all exercises, and trying everything from every article. I’ll be keeping track of how much everything costs/how much time it takes to live like they want you to live for one month. That should be fun/weird.

Stay tuned!

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