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Welp, it’s been ALMOST 2 months, and I’m down 48ish pounds. After the first 5 weeks of dropping weight like Crazytown. No, not the band. Or maybe the band. Did the band lose weight? WHATEVER, I lost a ton of weight fairly easily by simply following three rules:

  1. Drink only water
  2. Eat 1300-2000 calories a day
  3. Don’t not do 1 or 2

Of course, when you have 100 pounds to lose (and I mean, you physically have 100 pounds to lose and it won’t make you unhealthy), the first 30-50 aren’t the hard part. As of today, June 26th, I’m at 276ish pounds and now the real challenge is ON.

Although I did not break my fitbitty steps record for the Monday through Friday window…I did crush my weekend warrior record:


A lot of times these days, I’m just looking for any excuse to get moving so that I can eat more food. I mean, if that’s not the American Dream, I don’t know what is.

When rocks needed cleared out from the front of my house, I thought “Well hey, there’s a nifty little weekend project that I can do and burn some calories!”


I was so wrong. The little old lady that lived here before me put down a TON of plastic under the rock so shoveling was a nightmare.


Believe it or not, that’s 3 straight ours of work and about 12 wheelbarrows full to the brim – No thanks

So I rented a mini backhoe for the next day and it all worked out.

Other than that, hey, I officiated a wedding!


I 100% broke my “no booze in the state rule” BECAUSE I MARRIED PEOPLE.

I was still under my calorie count for the day even with the booze (I did not hit Taco Bell or any other crap on the way home, which is going to help that EVERY time)

Don’t worry, I made sure to sign the guest book appropriately:


My weekly goal for next Monday July 3rd is 270. (This week’s was 275 and I think when I wake up tomorrow I might be a little under that so I’d say this one was close enough to call it a win.)

Here’s a video summing it all up, have a great week everyone!